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    (5/5) 1 rating
    sozqq, 26 february 2018 00:40

    Review: Angry Birds Stella: Pop

    It's no secret that the popularity of Angry Birds falls. And it is logical that Finnish creators of aggressive birds want to save their chickens carrying golden eggs. Here are just the methods of salvation lately offered very strange. If you take the video games yourself, of course.

    Here's the fresh Angry Birds Stella POP!- It completely copies the idea of Puzzle Bobble twenty years ago. We have multi-colored balls, which we shoot on other colored balls. If three balls of the same shade are joined, they will burst. With this concept, absolutely everything is familiar, and all of these million times tried such simple entertainment since the days of button phones.

    But now they hammered the pigs and the girls-girls. Green reptiles are sitting in shelters or imprisoned in the bubbles of little animals. A young lady with beaks should clear the balls, each with the help of her special maiden magic. It, however, it is necessary to save up, after spending half a dozen successful attacks on balls in a row. And then you can launch a powerful "fireball" that destroys entire rows. The levels for each of Stella's girlfriends are their own. Somewhere you have to get everything in time, somewhere - just drop the pig down, and sometimes the goal will be an open top row. Nothing really original, but some variety is introduced. 

    And along with the variety is shown the shareware nature of the game. By the end of the second ten stages, the player will need to shoot more accurately than Wilhelm Telland faster than Legolas to keep within the established limit. If it does not work out, they will offer a few balls or time, of course, for coins, the bundle of which costs from 59 rubles. From the very beginning Stella POP! generously gives as many as fifty such loans, but does not give a chance to replenish them without real spending. It is also impossible to train before the loss of the pulse - this is taken care of for a long time by a number of no more than five.

    There are also "special" balls, but they are issued only on holidays, and in usual time they will get to you solely for gold. Moreover, the game carefully inserts the poles into the wheels, interfering with the normal aim. After a series of successful shots, some green fluffy bumble-bees fly out, obviously to distract attention. And if the player is not lucky to bring down a huge hole in the balls, they will still ride somewhere near the slingshot, blocking the trajectory of the flight. 

    To the honor of game designers, not all levels are mocked equally. And if the "pig in the center" is a torture level of the Spanish Inquisition, then the shooting for a while here is more or less balanced. Therefore Angry Birds Stella POP! at times it works like a good game, even for children - colorful, fun, with fervent music.

    Evil birds continue to fly. The thirteenth game in the series is a banal clone with shameless extortion of money due to overstated complexity. And you can not give her children-it's too dangerous for a credit card-and you can not even play it yourself. You can write off everything on the fateful "fucking dozen" and hope that the series will get out of the impasse, but it's better to start forgetting about Rovio right now. 


    Rate this article Review: Angry Birds Stella: Pop

    (5/5) 1 rating


    I like angry birds, and yeah surprisingly finnish people have a lot of amazing app developers.

    16 june 2019 16:55