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    (4.8/5) 10 rates
    noobda, 3 november 2017 20:51

    Resident Evil 4 / Biohazard 4 - Review

    This game has two versions, so basically both actually have the same gameplay but the catch here is the later one is named "Resident Evil 4 - Ultimate HD Edition" which has HD textures and its 16:9 aspect ratio while the old one is 4:3 Aspect ratio.

    Coming to the game, it first launhed to consoles and then followed its way to the PC with the old edition which had a huge success which lead to the development of the Ultimate HD Edition which is awesome by the way....

    In this review I'll just be going over the basic starter stuff of the game and about the game, the game has some useful glitches which help to complete the difficult parts of the game, twice actually, about which I'll talk in the next review at a later stage...

    Well, To be honest, this game is not a free-to-play game on Steam, which is the

    Resident Evil 4 - Ultimate HD Edition

    , and yes this game is also called as the 

    Biohazard 4

    in japan and some other regions. This game has acutally won the Game of the Year award....

    About the game:

    Resident Evil 4 is a third person shooter game, its a survival horror game which consists of zombies, yes 


    , well not actually them but some mutant creatures that wanna eat you, you play as Leone S Kennedy, a cop who is a special agent who's sent on a mission to rescue the President's daughter named Ashley, and she does nothing except shouting 'Leone, help!'.... That's her tagline in the game if you're playing it for the first time....

    Here she is...

    Here is some basic information about the game from steam:

    • Single-Player
    • Has steam Achievements
    • Has Steam Trading Cards
    • Full Controller support [I actually recommend playing with a controller as its quite a bit hard to aim and shoot with the mouse as it requires to hold the mouse 2 and then tap mouse 1 to shoot, so]
    • There areSteam Leaderboards, about which I'll talk later [PS: there are world records for this game, speedrun]
    • Steam Cloud save feature

    As I mentioned this game was released to consoles then followed by PC, I was lucky to play this on Play Station 2 first, It was so darn addicting and horror at that time. Now, on PC, only some things are changed such as the cut scenes are more clear the textures are more vibriant...

    You can experiment here and there exploring the place for some awesome treasures which you can sell at the merchant in the game, which will inturn give you some cash to buy weapons and upgrade them. Upgrading the weapons is very helpful here, I gotta admit...

    There is this character called Ada, she visits sometimes and after completing the game for the first time you can actually play with her, its an extra or bonus content which is pretty fun as she has a grapel gun and some cool new weapons to play with....

    And here is this guy called, Louis Cera, eventually he gets hit by a Salzar's guys [spoiler alert], and yes this game has story in it...

    Here, Ada looks like this...

    Tips to unlock content:

    I couldn't find these online at the time I was first playing this game, so this is my personal experience, but now its available on the internet after the release of the Ultimate HD Edition and the release on Steam....

    Here you go, 

    You have to complete the game in 


    mode to unlock 



    You have to play the 


    mode to unlock the Chicago Type writer 



    Unlimited Ammo,


    Infinite Rocket Launcher

    , both of which are available with the merchant for 2 million $$$

    Remember, you have to load the game in professional mode by using the save file that you completed the game from, as it'll give you all the equipment that you had in the final boss fight

    The costumes/ OUTFITS, 

    these are unlockable after playing the game in Normal mode and one more special costume for Ashley, which is the ARMOUR which makes her invincible...

    Playing professional mode with Sepcial Costume 2 unlocks another new weapon, the most powerful weapon whose one hit can kill all the weapons near by, 

    you need not aim

    at all, its called the 

    P.R.L 412

    its basically a 

    Lazer Rifle

    but in all directions, its the most powerful and fun weapon to use... you can just hit it once to defeat all the Bosses in the game, that's why this weapon unlocks the last in the game making the game more logical and awesome....

    Next time, I'll go through the 


    mode and world record of the speed run along with the useful glitches that allow us to do some pretty cool stuff in the game....

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article Resident Evil 4 / Biohazard 4 - Review

    (4.8/5) 10 rates


    even though graphics are very good

    13 may 2020 07:19

    its a bit too violent though.....

    13 may 2020 07:18

    noooice great coool and scared XD

    15 may 2020 13:52

    very nice game

    10 april 2020 16:08

    nice. might try it out at some point.

    25 april 2020 08:45