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    (3.5/5) 4 ratings
    TheGhoul, 28 september 2017 21:51

    Paladins - Begginers Guide

    Hello, its been a year since this game was realised on steam and a lot of people started playing it because they didit had money for overwatch and it became really popular game. In this article i would like to help you and make you understand a games basics.

    Lets start about rules. its a 5vs5  game with 2 gamemodes, Casual and Competetive. Casual it self goes into 2 gamemodes. Siege where you have to capture the middle point and then escort the tank to the enemy base. second Casual gamemode is just capture the mid and 10 minute timer. Competetive is for more experienced players. you need to be at least 15 level and own 12 champions. when you start playing Ranked games you will start as a Qualifying player and need to play 15 games to get Rank. There are 7 ranks Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Grandmaster, and each of them conside of 5 stages. you can rank up by winning Competetive games.

    Now lets talk about champions. There are 4 different classes

    1- Front Line
    Front line is a one of the most important classes in the game, you have the most health and have some kind of shield. Your main role is to stay on mid as long as possible. but because of less fraging potential its the least used class in casual gamemodes, but in competetive there are usualy 2 front lines in each team. 
    One of the best Front Line Champions to start with are Makoa and Torvald

    2- Damage 
    Damage class is one of the most used class beacuse lots of people like to play aggresive. your main role is to kill Front Line enemys and back up theit Front Lines.
    One of the best Damage Champions to start with are Viktor and Willo

    3- Flank
    Flank is also commonly used class beacuse its mobility and decent damage. Your main role is to Flank enemy Damage and Front Line players and kill them from behind.
    One of the best Flank Champions to start with are Sky and Lex

    4- Support
    Support is also less used class because of a defensive playstile. your main role is to stay close with a Front Line player and heal him as much as you can so you can capture Mid Point
    One of the best support Chapions to start with are Ying and Jenos

    Now Lets Talk About Champion Abbilitys. You have 4 abilitys and 1 Ultimate. Front Line classes usualy have shields and small mobility abilitys. Damages usualy have Area Of Effect abilitys, Flanks have big and fast mobility abilitys to get around quickly. support classes have healing abilitys

    When u start playing each game you have to buy Items and they buff your stats , They Split into 4 sections Defense, Utility, Healing, Attack, and all 4 of them have 4 options with different buffs and you can chose only 1 buff per section. 

    Thats all for now. Write in comments if you have any questions and i will try to reply as soon as possible

    Rate this article Paladins - Begginers Guide

    (3.5/5) 4 ratings


    Beginners guide to begin the game.......

    15 october 2017 16:05

    Nice article....great work keep it up.

    28 may 2021 18:06

    Mastery 20 with Maeve

    13 october 2017 12:15