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    Rate this article "Ori and the Will of the Wisps - game review."

    (4.63/5) 298 rates
    t4tsumihyaku, 28 may 2020 13:36

    Ori and the Will of the Wisps - game review.

    Ori and the Will of the Wisps is an action & single-player game that was developed by Moon Studios GmbH  in 2020.
    In the game, we have to complete quests and enjoy the marvelous story.



    It all started when Ori's sister was born in the Nibel. She was named Ku. Ku is an owl.
    He and his sister did pretty much everything together.
    Until one day, Ku started learning how to fly. Her first attempt was pretty successful, and her parents were happy with this achievement. She was an outsider - her entire family would eat apples, but she wouldn't because she is an owl, as well. Because of that, her brother was teaching her how to eat worms.


    As time passed by, she noticed that the sky was calling her. Ku's parents heard the call too. Her parents were supportive, and they let her go. However, when she was taking off the place, she fell and broke her left wing. Ku was sad because she couldn't take off. She was observing the other birds flying, and she was getting even sadder when looking at them. At this moment, Ori offered his little sister help. After hours of looking for a feather, he found a feather that helped Ku start flying again. In the calm night, they woke up their father to help them attach the feather to Ku's wing. Well, guess what; it worked! Since then, they're inseparable.

    However, they both weren't aware of the upcoming disaster that was going to separate them for a long time. When Ku was flying with her brother, suddenly, the storms started falling from the sky. They both were scared; while they were looking for a shelter, the attached feather to Ku's wing was about to fall. That's why Ori tried to catch it. However, the storms were that bad, that Ku lost control and fell.
    That's how their journey began.



    In the game, we play as one of the main characters - Ori.
    When we start playing for the first time, we will see that some unknown creatures are observing our character. However, when we get up, they'll disappear. The first thing which we will have to do is explore the area. The entire zone was devastated due to the disaster. While exploring the area, we will find our first weapon - a torch. It will help us defeat the monsters & dangerous creatures on our way. In this game, mostly, we will have to complete some quests which will reward us each time. Our first mission will be to find a keystone. We will need it to get through a spirit gate. On our way, we will have to go through many obstacles - such as alive thorns, turtle-snail looking creatures, and so on.

    Graphics & Sounds


    In my opinion, the graphics are one of the best I've ever seen.
    The graphics are pretty detailed. The animations are unbelievably good.
    Let's talk about the characters; they're very well looking. I'm not saying it just like that! The characters are unusual due to their race - almost all of them are mixed.



    I rate this game with 10/10.

    In my opinion, this game doesn't have any downsides.
    I didn't encounter any issues with the game, so that's why I rated it so high.
    One of the things that makes this game great is the story and the well-drawn characters.
    The story is marvelous; it has both - sad & happy moments.

    I highly recommend this game for people who are into stories.


    Rate this article Ori and the Will of the Wisps - game review.

    (4.63/5) 298 rates


    lololol that guy looks like a white stitch-

    Well anyways you did an amazing job on the article, what is this game available on? I may try it out for myself to see how good the gameplay is.

    I'm just here to see the graphics and so far so good.

    14 february 2021 12:08

    Such a beautiful game, nice story too but way too sad for me. Quite a good game overall.

    28 june 2020 22:03

    wowo look this fantsy game i love it

    5 august 2020 12:30

    Hey man nice article. Slot of pictures and the writing is good. Good job my dude

    1 june 2020 16:05

    game and article looks nice

    30 may 2020 13:15

    i really like this game

    1 june 2020 10:17

    what a beautiful game! wonderful!

    29 may 2020 04:33

    why only a few knowned guys article will be published?🤔

    29 may 2020 14:30

    Hey man nice article. Slot of pictures and the writing is good. Good job my dude.

    29 may 2020 03:25

    this is a nice article I love this game

    28 may 2020 16:22