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    (4.11/5) 18 rates
    anik_rm, 29 january 2018 12:44

    One Piece Online 2: Pirate King

    One piece Online 2: Pitate king is free browser MMORPG game with 4 characters you can choose and play with included your name. Navigate your ship through many places to find many adventure and challenges. Each character have different ability. This game based on a anime series which make this game even more intresting.

    If you are fan of One piece anime series or the manga then this game is going to be your favorite MMO RPG game. this game is based on one piece so sure we are going to see those characters like Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Nami, and lots more. So if this one piece 2 Online so is there any first version? If you are questioning then answer is yes. You can check their website if you are intrested which is http://www.joygames.me/ Both games are free to play with Lots of Adventures.
    This game have stunning graphic like the anime and more you play more you get into this game. This game is easy if you understand how to properly play this game or this is going to be hard if you are trying mmorpg for first time because you love One Piece. There are many fights to do include boss fight which is way more cooler then anyone ever thouhgt.  There is four character you can be and each character is different, there is Sailor, Dark Mage, Sniper or Doctor So we have idea why they are different. Is charcter have their own power have skill So sailor is captain, and a swordman. Dark mage is my favorite because dark mage speciality is Element Magic, Hypnotize Expert in using different type of element magic to attack and control enemy Expert in using wisdom to quickly discern enemy's weakness, or enhance own attack, There is sniper which mean Firearms, Assasination with lots of damage point, And Doctor who can heal and poison, Doctor is Expert in all types of healing, powerful healing abilities. So be wise to choose your character and think which suit you more. This game is online so you are going to meet some original characters and you can team-up with or fight with them. Or with the original characters set sails and loot to become pirate king. Its not easy to become a pirate king many challanges, adventures and bosses will arrived to stop you. And this is what make this game more intresting and challanging to play. You have to level up yourself to join those intresting things. level up yourself to 20 and join pirate crew after that this game become more intresting so grab this game and play to become the pirate king. there is only one pirate king and it can be you.
    my Personal review time, I personally like this game because i am a huge fan of the anime series same as manga. This game have good soundtrack which you can enjoy during gamplay and make this game more intense and fun at the same time. i am not good at this game and thats why i give this game more time then others. This game have many servers so you can join which is best for you. i love huge fights so teamup is my best thing in this game. So Thanks to JOYGAMES for this game.

    Rate this article One Piece Online 2: Pirate King

    (4.11/5) 18 rates


    good games

    21 october 2021 15:06


    30 january 2018 17:15