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    Rate this article "News from Gamehag #5 - Winter promo, Soul Gem bonus and the discount."

    (4.56/5) 147 rates
    Misty, 4 december 2019 11:39

    News from Gamehag #5 - Winter promo, Soul Gem bonus and the discount.

    You have not prepared for this one …

    Winter Madness has started!

    Check on Gamehag from 6th of December 2019 till 7th January 2020 and find out what does the winter came with.

    20% Soul Gem bonus!

    For the whole month, you can earn 20% gems more for completing in-game tasks!

    Winter discount!

    Did you know that since the beginning of the time there was a winter discount? You don’t? Now you do. Please welcome -10% discount for all chests.

    Free chest for St. Nicholas Day!

    What is winter without a present? Every week there will be free chest waiting in your inventory. You need only to collect 700 Soul Gems to open the first one. Those gems won’t be spent and will remain for your future purchases. In St. Nicholas Chest you will find:

    Killing Floor 2

    Battlefield V

    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

    Fallout 4

    Mass Effect Trilogy

    Dead by Daylight

    ARK: Survival Evolved

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019)


    Monster Hunter World


    Two Worlds Epic Edition (guaranteed)

    Much more will happen!

    Stay tuned as we go far over, to the next part of winter promo next week! Something big is coming by the end of the month, but we can’t tell you anything about it.

    Rate this article News from Gamehag #5 - Winter promo, Soul Gem bonus and the discount.

    (4.56/5) 147 rates



    17 january 2020 22:16

    is it still available?

    14 january 2020 15:20

    it was a fun event

    14 january 2020 16:06

    Sự kiện vẫn còn? Nếu vậy thì phải làm sao?

    14 january 2020 06:27

    @kharlace17 ....it was already ended.....

    14 january 2020 14:52

    how do we can play this game???

    14 january 2020 11:19

    Thanks for info, but still I am little bit curius (who no right), what is that surprise :D.

    12 december 2019 18:38

    Seriously, I didn’t know the class, thanks

    26 december 2019 16:21

    Thats great, But it finshed or not!!

    14 january 2020 17:35

    is these promo already ended????or we have to wait for another event???

    14 january 2020 14:25