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    Rate this article "News from Gamehag #23 - Black Week Witchcraft"

    (4.52/5) 264 rates
    Misty, 20 november 2020 13:14

    News from Gamehag #23 - Black Week Witchcraft

    Such an opportunity comes only once a year!

    Something strange started happening on the website. Gamehag has been influenced by the Dark Arts! This means that from 23th of November to 3rd of December huge discounts and bonuses will be waiting for you. Check out the website and discover what kind of attractions Misty conjured up for you!

    An easy way to make a fortune!

    You’re not collecting Soul Gems as fast as you wish? Black Week is the perfect opportunity to enrich your account. Play games, complete tasks and receive 50% more Soul Gems! Such a huge bonus doesn't happen very often! So use it to its full potential!

    Magic Chests

    Two mysterious chests have showed up in our shop! They will be available only for a limited time so don't hesitate to purchase them - there are amazing rewards inside. You cannot miss them:

    Silver Chest

    Golden Chest

    But that's not all! Misty has prepared a surprise for you. She conjured up two free chests and put them in your inventory. You can open them only for a limited period of time, so make sure you visit Gamehag regularly as to not miss any of the chests!

    Psst. We'll give you a little tip when you can get them:

    Black Week Chest - available in your inventory from 20th to 27th of November

    Cyber Chest - available in your inventory from 28th November to 3rd of December

    Open the chests and grab special rewards!

    50% OFF!

    During Black Week on Gamehag you can take advantage of huge discounts. You can get all of the chests in our store 50% cheaper! This is a very fast way to get plenty of rewards! Check out what kind of games, top-ups and skins you’ll be able to grab.

    Click here to find out more!

    Rate this article News from Gamehag #23 - Black Week Witchcraft

    (4.52/5) 264 rates


    can you do more robux chest or do them cheaper please

    13 february 2021 21:22

    dear all for after school for any further information from all computers

    24 november 2020 12:56

    i how to gems

    8 january 2021 13:53

    when i sthe black week?

    2 december 2020 13:22


    3 december 2020 21:09

    too late :(

    1 december 2020 14:04

    When will there be discounts

    30 november 2020 23:49

    when is the black week?

    22 november 2020 13:32

    wow cool...

    29 november 2020 18:04

    okie dokie

    4 december 2020 15:48