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    Rate this article "News from Gamehag #20 - Great way to get free rewards every day!"

    (4.54/5) 359 rates
    Misty, 12 october 2020 12:49

    News from Gamehag #20 - Great way to get free rewards every day!

    Marathon of rewards

    It’s the second time when you have a chance to grab up to seven different, attractive rewards in just one week! From 12 to 18 October each day you'll find a new Daily Mix in your inventory. Its content will be different every day, so make sure you visit Gamehag regularly so you don’t miss any of the rewards.

    Take a look at the cauldron

    Do you want to know what’s hidden inside the Daily Mixes? Just collect 150 SG and you’ll get access to free, daily rewards. Check out what kind of Mixes you can get this week:

    12.10 - Prepaids

    13.10 - The most popular games

    14.10 - Battle Royale games

    15.10 - The hottest game titles on YouTube

    16.10 - Robux

    17.10 - CS:GO skins

    18.10 - Soul Gems

    To find out what’s the exact content of the Daily Mixes on the specific date, visit our page or check out our social media. We’ll keep you informed about the rewards you can grab. Don’t miss any of the Mixes to get all free rewards!

    Rate this article News from Gamehag #20 - Great way to get free rewards every day!

    (4.54/5) 359 rates


    there was a CAT CAT CAT and it was FAT FAT FAT my dog wanted to EAT IT EAT IT EAT IT but it was to FAT FAT FAT

    12 november 2020 15:06

    how can i get robux

    15 november 2020 20:47

    I´d like robux to

    27 october 2020 20:56

    stop begging

    17 november 2020 14:43

    gamehag your the best for me i like too match verys nices

    20 october 2020 20:37

    Why i saw/read this only today ?

    18 october 2020 18:59

    i want free robux every day 1k robux

    17 october 2020 05:50

    free fire download fire 🤣

    17 october 2020 16:33

    this is fun

    27 october 2020 21:00

    free robux pls

    17 october 2020 05:49