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    Rate this article "News from Gamehag #2 - Robux vs. Minecraft - new event!"

    (4.69/5) 148 rates
    Misty, 16 october 2019 15:53

    News from Gamehag #2 - Robux vs. Minecraft - new event!

    Hello, Witches and Wizards of Gamehag!

    We are happy to introduce to you a completely new kind of event, that will let you decide once and for all…

    What is better? Roblox or Minecraft?

    You can now take a side and help your favorite game to win. Collect points together with other members of Gamehag!

    Here is what you can do:

    +1 point - reaction or comment on our social media posts related to your game.

    +1 point - share posts with #TeamMinecraft or #TeamRoblox

    +1 point - add an overlay representing your Team to your Facebook profile picture!

    +5 points - write an article about Roblox or Minecraft (and get accepted).

    +10 points - for each Robux or Minecraft chest opened!

    +1 point - for every 20 Soul Gems spent on rewards related to Roblox or Minecraft.

    During the promotion, every Minecraft and Roblox reward is discounted by -5%

    The promotion is active between 16th October and 4th November 2019. After that, the game with more points in total will have all its rewards discounted in our shop by -20%!

    Stay tuned - we will post updated results regularly on our social media profiles.

    What else?

    A set of classic GOATs from the RPG genre has arrived in our shop. You can now get such well established (but still amazing) titles as:

    The Witcher: Enhanced Edition (I, II)

    Star Wars: KOTOR (I, II)

    Half-Life 2: GOTY Edition



    Halo: Reach

    Halo 3 And many, many more!

    We are also embracing the League of Legends second youth with newly scored gift cards:

    League of Legends 10 EUR RP Card (EU servers)

    League of Legends 20 EUR RP Card (EU servers)

    Gift cards for other servers - soon :)

    Rate this article News from Gamehag #2 - Robux vs. Minecraft - new event!

    (4.69/5) 148 rates

    Play Roblox


    Do whatever you want, wherever you want in Roblox, a free-to-play MMO social gaming platform, where the creativity makes the imagination come to real!In this game, it's up to the players to create their own, virtual worlds and games, as it is up to the players which game they want to play. And the choice is really diversified, j...



    5 november 2019 18:06

    Sorry but.. I prefer Roblox. Much more than minecraft. Roblox is free, it has lots of games, a nice community, among others. You may even create your own game. Isn't that beautiful?

    8 november 2019 12:36

    I Like Minecraft!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 send the markus person's make update betteer!😃👼👼👼👼

    27 october 2019 14:07

    so ill ask u thgis question,which do you prefer,roblox or minecraft? choose wisely or there will not be no consequences

    28 october 2019 21:57

    looks like roblox is leading RN more positive comments about it

    2 november 2019 13:52

    Roblox Forever✊

    6 november 2019 03:06


    3 november 2019 18:48

    Roblox for the win, also i love the new rewards

    30 october 2019 15:20

    roblox is better cuz there are many different genre of games so u wont get bored of playing one genre and also it's FREE minecraft is expensive to buy

    2 november 2019 13:51

    roblox is the best game

    29 october 2019 05:03