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    Rate this article "News from Gamehag #12 - VIP status - how to gain fame, glory and rewards?"

    (4.52/5) 132 rates
    Misty, 8 april 2020 12:24

    News from Gamehag #12 - VIP status - how to gain fame, glory and rewards?

    Don’t miss new opportunities!

    You might notice there is a possibility to activate VIP subscription on our site. It’s the easy way to get even more benefits on Gamehag than before!

    VIP grabs more rewards!

    There are permanent bonuses and some features which will be active for the whole subscription period:

    Every-month premium chests (Crystal Chest and VIP Chest)

    Bonus +10% of earned Soul Gems

    Profile highlighting

    You’re still not sure if it’s for you? Read about the rest of the benefits, runes and other magical items! You can use each one of them for 30 days.

    Delivery Broom - grants the wielder a quicker delivery of rewards

    Experience Potion - grants +50% boost to gained experience

    Scroll of Memory - allows you to have a custom note in profile settings

    Eihwaz Rune - blocks all the ads displayed on the website

    Merlin's Rune - gives you priority and quicker contact with the support

    Naudiz Rune - grants a 10% discount on rewards

    Saewelo Rune - allows to create groups on the forum

    The longer you are a VIP member the better - for YOU!

    With every month of subscription, the amount of rewards you get will be getting bigger and bigger! In that way you regularly have a chance to grab the best titles and attractive bonuses, which will make using the Gamehag even more enjoyable!

    You might be interested that you can try it out for free! Check out the trial version - you will see it’s worth it!

    Rate this article News from Gamehag #12 - VIP status - how to gain fame, glory and rewards?

    (4.52/5) 132 rates


    give me cd kay plase mann mann

    5 may 2020 18:54

    noice article xD

    2 may 2020 15:23

    I wish I had VIP rn!

    10 may 2020 06:22


    24 may 2020 06:48

    it's a good article, keep up the work

    17 june 2020 17:06

    ben yeniyim ne önerirsiniz

    16 july 2020 14:55

    **** boe missed it

    20 may 2020 11:03

    follow me on roblox @Jakesavge_X

    1 september 2020 15:35

    i need VIP badly😥

    1 september 2020 15:34

    not really relevant for those who are not VIPs

    12 april 2020 08:59