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    (4.88/5) 8 rates
    noobda, 15 november 2017 19:52

    Need For Speed Rivals [PC] - Review

    The best racing game that has both Cop Career and Racer Career together in a single game....

    NFS-Rivals is the next generation video game that has very huge graphics and is not a game that runs on all PCs and medium tier laptops, instead this game is strictly for the gaming machines that have a dedicated graphics processor with atleast 2GB memory, [1GB is enough if you intend to play the game by lowering the resolution], and pretty well the recommended system requirements are a bit low than the actual game requirements, so look out for that :)

    And coming to the game the best racing game of next generation with crashes and many weapon equipped cars in the game to choose from. Read along to find out more...

    About the game:
                                Need For Speed Rivals
    , also known by its acronym NFS-Rivals is a car racing game that includes both Cops and Racers in different modes to be selected at the start of the game. The game is full of mind boggling and eye candy graphics which are actually very good looking when compared to a racing game that is released in 2013.

    The Pros and some details about the game:

    • Engine : Frostbite Engine
    • Game has two career modes, Racer and Cop career
    • Full Controller Support, you can play with xbox360 controls or any gamepad with xbox controls but requires some tweaking as this isn't well optimized for aftermarket controllers... :(
    • Multi-Player game, requires a decent internet connection or you'll experience a lot of lag which results in the improper movement of the vehicles
    • This game won many awards namely, Satellite award and some other awards of that time
    • Developer: Ghost Games and Criteron Games
    • Game available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox360, Xbox One, PC[windows]

    Here's a brief picture of the game to give you an idea about the looks of the game....

    Well, that was the cop career in the game, similarly you'll be having a Racer mode where you'll have to do something opposite....
    If you guys are familiar with the previous game called Need For Speed - Hot Pursuit which is especially designed for the Cop Mode, that was a nice game which had a lot to do being a COP in the game.... This game NFS-Rivals is just a revamped version? Nah, its way more than that, it includes two weapons or you can say two extra abilities for the vehicle, each of which can be activated in the game while you're on the move by hitting specific keys on the keyboard, or gamepad... Once you play the game you'll notice everything in the game is highly heavy and requires some skill and good hardware to be able to play the gmae with ease....

    I'll give you guys some view over the gameplay and some awesome moments in the game that make the game look dope af, you'll notice that the Car physics are pretty good as they used Frostbite Engine in the game which is quite good and liked by most of the gamers....

    You'll have to earn Speed Points known as SP in the game which in turn let you get some cool features and upgrades for your car, which are a lot helpful if you intend to cutomize the car regarding the visuals then you might have to consider a lot of these Speed Points....

    I'll share my experience about the system requirements for this game as far as I think are enough to play the game at decent fps without any throttling:

    • Intel i5 Processor or similar one with at least Dual Core
    • Graphics Card is mandatory: Nvidia GT 720M is ok for playing at 720p at medium-low settings, anything from GTX 750, you'll be able to play at decent fps at higher resolutions
    • AMD Graphics are good enough too, but may require more VRAM than their Nvidia counter parts

    Here are some of the game play screenshots from the game itself while playing COP mode and Racer Mode respectively,

    I conclude that this game is one of the best racing games out there if you intend to play on LAN or with friends online or at least to compete with people as this game has leader boards in the game for different records, and even world records for the Grand Tour....

    Pretty good game, you can even customize the name plate with what ever you want except Profianities or any bad words that include cussing and something that is un-parliamentary

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article Need For Speed Rivals [PC] - Review

    (4.88/5) 8 rates


    Need for speed is Very fun

    2 september 2019 13:06

    Like it

    16 march 2019 12:51