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    (5/5) 7 rates
    Julio_Lokin, 25 september 2017 22:35

    Naruto Online Review

    One of the biggest world fevers in the universe of anime, Naruto ninja has finally arrived in the world of MMORPGs!

    For some time now, fans of Naruto and his gang have been waiting for and are asking for a faithful representation of the battles, the evolution of the characters, the vast and detailed world and the relaxed mood that characterize Naruto's anime and manga, the most beloved and runaway ninja of recent times, and that's exactly what we got in the recent MMORPG for "Naruto Online" browser.

    The Naruto Online MMORPG was developed by Tencent Games (creator of several successful MMOs like "CrossFire", "ArcheAge", "Blade & Soul" and current owner of "League of Legends" Riot Games) with Bandai Namco and Shueisha Studios, TV Tokyo and Pierrot (responsible for the character's anime), which guarantees visual identity worthy of the original material.


    One of the main attractions of "Naruto Online" and that should please fans of the ninja franchise, is that the game follows the original story of the anime and manga, from the beginnings of the first season and chapter, respectively, through the various events of ninja history, experiencing classic moments and unforgettable battles alongside the classic characters of the series.

    In "Naruto Online", you can choose from five new ninjas, which were created and designed personally by the creator of the character and manga, Masashi Kishimoto, each of the characters have strengths and weaknesses, based on the nature of their chakras and also in the skills chosen for his character during his development.

    At the time of choosing your character in "Naruto Online", you have five classes available. Are they:

    ● Fire Eye Class: One of the classes present in "Naruto Online" is the so-called Flame Eye class, which specializes in fire element jutsu and specializes in Genjutsu, with one of the most beautiful graphics for blows and finalizations.

    ● Iron Fist Class (Earth): Another class available in the Naruto MMORPG is the so-called Iron Fist class, which represents the earth element, with special focus on element jutsus and also with Taijutsu specialization.

    ● Garra das Águas (Water) Class: The Naruto Online water jutsus class is the Garra das Águas, which also has specialized healing abilities, being one of the most interesting but also challenging classes of the MMORPG.

    ● Class Wind Dancer (Wind): Another class available to the player is the Wind Dancer class, which brings the experts to wind jutsu and also masterfully master the "Great Rasengan" technique.

    ● Dark Blade class: the "dark side" class of ninja, the Dark Blade is the class of "Naruto Online" that deals with the jutsus of the element radius, in addition to having a sharp and powerful sword, which can be as deadly as the ninja techniques of other classes.


    "Naruto online" is free to play, with in-game micro-transactions that allow the more rushed to get more advanced items, techniques and other features quickly and easily, but that does not stop the more dedicated player from winning such items playing for free.

    The game, despite presenting beautiful graphics and maintaining a very consistent look with the anime and manga, is not heavy, working both in the internet browser and downloadable to play in a stand-alone way, which makes it more interesting for those who do not want to depend on the browser to play.

    Rate this article Naruto Online Review

    (5/5) 7 rates


    good game

    22 june 2020 19:57

    If you're a fan of the anime/manga, leave it at that. It's not that all the games based on them are bad, but it's all a commercial stunt to grab some money from the fans. A game with an original storyline and characters is much better than a copy of an already existing book/comic/game/movie/anime/...

    27 september 2017 14:32

    wow what a great rticle

    10 december 2020 15:46

    есть онлайн наруто?пхпхпхпх

    27 august 2020 19:31

    oh, i like it

    27 january 2021 17:23