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    Rate this article "My 2013 Spelunky Game Review"

    (3.94/5) 16 rates
    EpicHype, 13 january 2019 16:06

    My 2013 Spelunky Game Review

    Spelunky is a Endless rogue-lite platformer indie that is about a magical adventure about a cursed mine. This is my review of the game.

    This game was made in 2013 and it was a remaster of a free open-source game released in 2009. This game randomly creates levels where you have to get from an entrance to the exit without loosing all of your lives. Each stage gets harder and harder with more dangerous elements that prevent you from finishing.


    The game starts by showing you how the main character, which name is never stated, travels through the desert to reach a mine, which he knew would be there. Then he is presented with a locked door and a smaller cave next to it, which is the tutorial. For me personally, this type of tutorial that tells the previous miner's story was a great way to remember the controls and a few monsters. When you end the tutorial, you get the key to the main cave entrance, which then let's you start the adventure.

    With every 4 caves you finish, there is a new area with entirely different monsters, which allows the game not to get old and much more difficult. In my entire playthrough, I have only reached 2nd biome's third cave, which gives you the idea how hard this game is. In total there are 4 areas in the adventure gamemode- the mines, the jungle, the ice caves, and the temple. There are also a few bonus areas, which require you to get special items. The area names are: Hell, the haunted castle, the black market, the worm, the mothership, and the city of gold.

    Even though this game was extremely annoying to play, because just like any other rogue-lite game, you have to restart many times loosing all of your progress, it was extremely fun. I would try a million times to get to a new area even though I have failed every time. Even though it might seem like a good idea to just rush the game and without collecting any extra loot just get to the exit, I highly don't recommend it, because you have to be very careful in the game and not loose lives.

    In the mines, obviously, you can find all kinds of valuable gems and gold ore, which are instantly sold to your balance, which you can later spend in shops, which randomly spawn in the map. The items sold are extremely useful, because they help you prevent death. You can steal from the shopkeeper by picking up items without paying, but I don't recommend it, because he will start chasing you with his shotgun and most likely kill you. If you manage to escape to the exit without dying, he might return in other stages and other shopkeepers will also attack you on sight.

    There 2 most important items in the caves, which are bombs and ropes. You get 3 of each at the beginning of the game and you can use them to get around quicker or easier. Bombs can explode cave rocks, which might open an entrance and ropes help you get up higher, for example, to pick up some gems. In the stages there are crates scattered, which might contain bombs or ropes and rarely even some shopkeeper items, so look for them and make sure you open them.

    This game is amazing. I would give it 9/10 and I recommend you all to try it, because it's amazing. On steam normally, it costs 15 euros, but during sales, it falls to 5 euros, I think. Anyway, thanks for reading, please rate my article well so gamehag can reward me accordingly and have a nice day!

    Rate this article My 2013 Spelunky Game Review

    (3.94/5) 16 rates


    Nice job

    18 january 2019 05:35

    Just generally check stuff that has the red notification, this isn't a comprehensive guide so you don't have to follow it by word...copy this and paste...

    22 april 2020 19:00

    great article thx

    26 january 2021 18:00

    i hate games where you loose progress but good article

    17 january 2019 21:47

    I wrote it all myself. It's not plagiarised!

    14 january 2019 07:49

    Mossmouth, one of my favourite indie game developer

    18 january 2019 04:02