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    Rate this article "Mirror's Edge - game review."

    (4.45/5) 174 rates
    t4tsumihyaku, 10 june 2020 20:10

    Mirror's Edge - game review.

    Mirror's Edge is a parkour & singleplayer game that was published by Electronic Arts  in 2008.
    In the game, the main thing which we have to do is jump on high buildings and complete various missions.

    Story & Introduction

    The story takes place in a very populated city with many high buildings.
    Before, it was full of life, but the city started changing very slowly, and most residents were OK with that; but not all of them. The people that didn't accept the changes got criminalized by the government. These residents became the clients of the Mirror's Edge - a team of runners.
    The team is pretty discreet due to breaking the law.


    The first thing which we will have to do is complete the training tutorial. The tutorial will help us understand the controls in the game much better. Its purpose is to simplify our gameplay. The tutorial will require us to jump over fences, break into doors, and make rooftop parkour related tricks.


    In the game, we get into the role of a character that's named Faith.

    The first thing which we will have to do after finishing the tutorial is to practice everything we learned from it.
    Our first task will be to find a bag and return it to the team.

    To complete it, we will have to break into a building and go into the ventilation system to find the bag. The first obstacle which we are going to encounter is the hostiles that are protecting the entire building. Once they spot us, the only thing which we will have to do is go to the highest point of the building and get out of it, so our character won't get shot by the cops. Anyway, even though we get out of the building, it won't be easy for us to get rid of them completely. They'll keep following our character until we don't find Celeste - our teammate. When we are close to the end of the chapter, we will see the hostiles defending the area.
    In my opinion, they aren't hard-to-defeat. We can take their weapons easily without any difficulties.

    Getting on the helicopter will lead to the completion of the mission.



    I'll be honest with you; the graphics are slightly outdated.

    Anyway, I don't think that it's a big deal since the premiere of the game was over 11 years ago.
    In general, the graphics are on an average level.
    Due to the totalitarian regime in the unknown city, we will be able to see that propaganda is spread everywhere we go. The municipality reminds me of Shanghai (China's biggest city) due to its high skyscrapers.
    One of the very least things which we can see in the game is the poverty on the streets.
    While jumping on the buildings, we will be able to see that most buildings are unfinished.
    I was impressed with the interior of the buildings. Everything inside them is very colorful and bright.



    I give this game a 7/10.

    The graphics aren't as good as I expected them to be, but the audio is surprisingly good.

    In my opinion, the story is very deficient.
    I can't feel the connection between the members of Mirror's edge, which makes the game less exciting.
    Anyway, the game is pretty addictive.
    I've been playing EA games since 2009, and I never felt disappointed with their releases.

    What makes this game extraordinary is the ability to hop on high buildings, which is very amusing to do.


    Rate this article Mirror's Edge - game review.

    (4.45/5) 174 rates


    nice article thank you... remember when i saw this game in 2008 i didn't believe this is possible and playable but was... :)

    10 september 2020 23:18

    gamehag nice

    3 february 2022 07:13

    Looks like a good game , gonna try it out

    3 october 2021 07:52

    Formatting could use some work, having spaces before and after titles of specific sections can really make a difference, while unnecessary spacing can break the flow of the article. I'll also suggest a different approach to the Gameplay section: Rather than simply describing the first level, describe the game *in general*. Your options of movement, your general motive, etc. Besides those, this is a pretty decent article.

    28 july 2020 20:02

    I love this game, I used to play it when I was in high school (although I play it with crack, lol... I need to revisit this game and buy the original copy one day)

    10 november 2021 09:46

    old but gold for parkour games and have good storyline

    30 august 2020 12:27

    cool parkour game o like it guys test this gaame

    2 august 2020 19:47

    I really like the graphics of the coolly chosen theme of the game you can do cool tricks

    4 october 2020 12:37

    Have played it and the Catalyst too, sad that both stories aren't that... related. But still brings back many parkour memories, thx for sharing it.

    2 july 2020 20:24

    This game is so good because even if you completed both games (the normal one and Catalyst) you probably will play them again, which is so good for a single player game!

    20 june 2020 16:09