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    Mrdox, 26 april 2018 12:39

    Mega Man Legacy Collection

    Twenty-eight years after the start of the famous Mega Man series, which began its life on NES, we get Capcom on a collection of the first six versions of the original series, the Digital Eclipse Software development team, which transferred many games from old devices to modern devices from time to time We have this collection and it is similar to the simulators of these games, but with the operation in high resolution and on modern devices Is it a worthy experience to buy?

    The game fee remains the same, of course, but with high resolution support. You can play any part of the original size with NES images and the same graphics as old and dark TVs if you feel nostalgic for the beautiful past. The display is pure, beautiful, wide screen and bright colors with a screen frame if you want or the full size of the screen, which when you put the game on it will not be affected by the image and will remain beautiful as it is, the games work on 60 frames smoothly and very beautiful and the only drawback in the graphics is There are some minor technical errors that were present in Allen The original sack that you will not notice often and not affected by the general experience.

    After more than two decades the classical games are still fun and wonderful especially in the third part and the effects of shooting and bombings are still beautiful and will be established in the memory of this game if not rooted in his memory since the experience of the original, the method of play is the same In some stages you will climb up or down, or move horizontally across the map, bypassing the obstacles and enemies to reach your opponent to eliminate it and gain access to your opponent. His distinctive powers.

    Game Mega Man first like a lot of games of the same period provided the system of conservation by keeping the secret codes and aggregation provides the option of direct conservation as soon as you press the play button will stop simulation to show you the simulation list and allow you to save and download the game from one point and the conservation system in Each part is completely separate from the other.

    The collection provides more content as it provides the Challenge Mode or Challenge Mode, where there are many challenges, including Remix for the stages that makes you race time in certain parts of each stage in each part to try to achieve the highest number. There are also challenges to jump between platforms, Enemies as soon as possible until you follow the bosses or Boss Rush where you can meet all the other leaders with one another without resting or recovering points of life to refine your skills.

    You can face challenges to defeat the leaders without using anything except the Mega Man cannon. You can share your results with the rest of the players to see who is achieving the best time. The collection also contains technical drawings and prototypes of enemies, leaders and characters. Personality and weaknesses and simple information about her background.

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    Rate this article Mega Man Legacy Collection

    (3.79/5) 14 rates


    Its cool that we can experience the classics again on new hardware!

    21 april 2020 13:29

    Great stuff!

    21 may 2020 16:02