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    Rate this article "Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series: Review of the season"

    (4/5) 3 ratings
    panos_misti, 14 december 2017 19:13

    Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series: Review of the season

    Hardly make mistakes if I say that the "Guardians of the Galaxy" is loved by everyone - even those who have not seen any comics in their lives and hardly understand what Marvel is. And how not to love this heterodox (literally) gang of heroes, if among them there is a raccoon with a huge cannon, a tree that answers all the questions: "I am Groot," a half-naked and semi-literate barbarian, and also a never- listens to the magical music of the 80's in his antediluvian earthly player and flirts desperately with a green-skinned girl-killer? They are different, but still they are together - it's just about them. But in the Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series, their friendship underwent the most serious test.

    It is clear that our love for the Guardians is mostly based on excellent filmology, which perfectly conveyed the whole essence and soul of the "magnificent five". This is a nuclear mixture of excellent humor, dashing superhero action, romance, light sadness, wonderful nostalgic music and constant clarification of the relationship between the defenders of the Galaxy, which otherwise would have gone down for members of the traveling circus on wheels.

    Writers Telltale Games for obvious reasons, mostly focused on the movies, but at the same time, as usual, came up with their own story. If in the second part of the film Peter Quill meets his father, then in the Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Serieshe, driven by voices and memories, flies to meet with a long-dead mother. But in the end, finds a girl-with-antennae Mantis, an empath who tells him that it was the Star Lord who was chosen to decide the fate of the most powerful artifact called the Bugle of Eternity.
    This is what becomes the starting point for such a crisis in relations between the Guardians. The fact is that the Horn of Eternity can resurrect even the long-dead. But whom to bring back to life, if you can return only one person, and each of the Guardians lost or still lose loved ones and loved ones? And what happens if Horn gets into bad hands and will be used to create a monstrous army carrying death to the Galaxy? Therefore, perhaps, it is better to destroy it altogether, and not to charge it to the fullest? It is around these dilemmas that the narrative of the first season is built.

    Each decision, every choice - as a nazhdachkoy on the heart: he will somehow hurt someone, lead to fury, or even force to leave the team. This is especially hard to experience after the authors have uncovered the personal drama of virtually every Guardian throughout the season.
    Surprisingly, in the game of comics, the severity of the choice and its dramatic nature, inevitability is sometimes felt no less strongly than in The Walking Dead . And here, unlike some seasons of interactive "Walking Dead", the key decision made in the second episode, one way or another affects the third, and the fourth, and the final.
    Naturally, this does not mean that the whole game has become a harsh drama, - corporate humor has not gone away. Moreover, in the fifth episode I laughed almost more often than in the second part of the film. "She said that she will fight until the end, either we, or she will not perish. So we have only one way out. - Clearly, I went for cyanide potassium! "- such phrases are forced to fall under the table. Still here you can appreciate the funny mustache of Peter Quill (a rare video from the day of the first meeting of future Guardians attached), see the "obkurivshegos" Grut and call the space worm David Bowie.

    For the first time in games from Telltale Gamessome situations you want to replay not in order to take some other difficult moral decision, but just to have a good laugh. Indicates, for example, the Star Lord on the Rocket and, instead of saying something in the spirit of "Look at him, this is a genius mechanic!", Says: "He is full of fleas!" And in order to see how the face of this self-confident raccoon, even the extra half hour is not a pity.
    The irony is felt even in how the authors work with the notorious QTE, which, as usual, builds half of the game process. It is clear that there are dashing action scenes with combined QTE, which have proven themselves in The Walking Dead: Michonne . And best of all they look to the accompaniment of the chic music flowing from the player of the Star Lord. But in some situations, perhaps for the first time we are forced not to press a button as soon as possible, but, on the contrary, as slowly as possible, so that, for example, we can quietly pass by the space worms and not wake them up.

    In general, the whole game is built on a combination of action, comedy and heavy moral dilemmas. Five minutes ago, our guards, like Baron Munchausen, got out of the belly of a huge worm through the throat (or it could be through the back - the choice is yours!), And now we decide whether to allow Drax to sacrifice himself for the sake of his comrades.

    As a result, one of the best serials in the piggy bank Telltale Games turned out , where every episode you wait and pass in one breath, experiencing a wide range of emotions.
    The Star Lord and his Guardians had everything - comics and films about them, a player with a selection of the best music on the planet Earth, crowds of fans, hundreds of enemies and the soul of the company - the gabby merry fellow Grut. And now they also have a great game, in which you can laugh with all your heart, and reflect on the difficult choice, and start off a meager man's tear at Dancing in the Moonlight. And this is Groot!

    Pros: an excellent story; a sea of humor, action and adventure; emotional dramatic moments of choice; charismatic characters; chic music.

    Cons: still primitive as a whole mechanics; little, I want to continue; the line with Yonda never found its development.

    Rate this article Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series: Review of the season

    (4/5) 3 ratings


    a little boring Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

    17 december 2017 14:24