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    (4.25/5) 134 rates
    jurdav, 6 june 2020 14:12

    Man of Medan - game review

    Man of Medan is a survival horror game developed by Supermassive Games and published by
    Bandai Namco Entertainment in 2019, from the creators of Until Dawn. This is the first game of the Dark Pictures Antology series, which is released on
    Windows, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. During the game, the butterfly effect takes a large place, meaning that every decision you make effects what happens later on. The other determinative element is a character called the Curator, who requests the player's assistance in completing the unfinished story of the game.


    In the very beginning, the story which is already complete and can not be changed, is in the past (on the game's story line) where soldiers load cargo to a military ship. The only playable character gets drunk and closed into the medical cabin. This is why he is almost the only one who survives an accident, when the mysterious cargo starts releasing a toxic gas. It does not simply kill the staff onboard, it makes them go crazy and have hallucinations. Some of them run around and shoot everyone, while others have heart attacks because of the things they see. At this point, the player-controlled character also dies, and the story line jump to the present where we get to know the main characters.


    The characters: Alex, Brad, Fliss, Julia and Conrad. They pack into a boat and get onto the sea to scuba dive. their goal is to find a crashed WWII plane on the bottom of the sea, what they succeed with. While some of them is underwater, another motorboat tries to go past them but the divers' steel cable scratches the foreign boat. Conrad acts rude and offends the men who are referred as fishers at first. At night, a storm approaches and the fishermen return. This is when it becomes clear: they are pirates. They keep the main characters as hostages, but later the prisoners escape and get into a fight/hostage-drama.
    If this was not already enough trouble, the boat they are staying at, bumps into the ghost ship from the History paragraph. It is still drifting on the ocean without a crew. For all those years, it have not sank yet.

    They can't even escape, because the pirates took an important part out of the engine and had run onto the abandoned ship taking some of their hostages with them. The main characters' only choice is to follow them to rescue their friends. At first, the only thing that is off about the place is the age. It is really old, rusty and dirty. The hostage drama and the persecution between the two sides continue. At some point almost everyone splits up.  And it is really well planned, what could be better than being alone on an abandoned ghost ship full of narcotic gas?  The characters begin to feel chills running on their backs, their fear gets stronger because of the atmosphere of their environment. They start to find the skeletons of the old staff and after some more hours they can not resist the hallucination any more.

    I consider it really important to emphasize the fact, you, as a player of the game have to make lots of decisions. Some are not that important during the story but other ones can influence characters' lives. The decisions contain verbal and physical ones. Lives, relationships between the characters and basically the whole gameplay depends on these decisions of the player.

    Rate this article Man of Medan - game review

    (4.25/5) 134 rates


    nice article the game isnt bad i tried it a fe wtimes

    11 june 2020 07:39

    Wow that is a good article!

    6 june 2020 15:32

    Love your artical so original

    6 june 2020 19:10

    not the great article but a good one.

    7 june 2020 09:54

    best game in the galaxy

    6 june 2020 18:50

    really good article but this game doesn't look cool

    7 june 2020 22:09

    game looks cool but i think it isnt that i think

    7 june 2020 17:57

    cool game from photos but from gameplay... it scares me

    8 june 2020 19:17

    woow this game like movie i love it and spoky game

    5 august 2020 12:26

    The pictures do not look apealing when there is a small paragraph sperating them so the next time you write an article, try your best to keep them away from each other.

    27 july 2020 18:19