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    frozoneofchill, 22 november 2019 06:19

    Magic: The Gathering Arena Tips And Tricks

    Magic: The Gathering Arena is a card game with unique functions and abilities. However, in able to get the best experience, you need to know some tips and tricks to secure yourself wins and tactics.

    • Game Mechanics
              Firstly, you’ll want to know how land-based cards work. Let’s say you have an earth elemental card. Once played, you will be able to summon a card that uses that amount of earth cards or less. After a card is summoned, they will be on cooldown and unavailable for use until your next turn. This is important to keep in mind, since sometimes using multiple, cheaper cards, you can defend an attack better than an expensive card.


    • Use The Do Nothing Button   
             Located at the bottom right of the screen, it may seem pointless to use this button as you would be wasting valuable turns to destroy your opponent. Although this may be the right choice in some battles, playing slow and hiding your cards is a great way of seeing what your opponent plays first and countering their attacks.

    • Look For Cards Abilities
            Many cards have special abilities that aren’t listed directly on the card. For example, cards listed with “Deathtouch” may have very weak and pointless stats but can eliminate any enemy card with one attack. Realizing and knowing what cards have these abilities is crucial to the overall performance of your deck, and can secure a win if used correctly. Following these steps can ensure multiple victories upon opponents, and make yourself a better player overall.


    • What To Do After Tutorial
             Firstly, you should start playing online matches to understand and learn valuable tactics and strategies from others and apply them to yourself. Doing this will increase your rank for online play, and will earn yourself some rewards for the higher you climb. After doing this, at the top right of the home screen, you will see a button to turn on competitive playlists. Only after getting a feel for online play should you activate this button. When doing so, just click on the bar and it should turn from “off” to “on”. After doing this, when choosing a game mode you should see two new playlists available. Playing these will not only put you up against highly experienced players but also give the most experience for getting better.

    • Main Idea
             In conclusion, try thinking about using these tips and tricks before using your next move, and most importantly enjoy the game because that’s the main goal of this guide. It can be challenging at times, but with combination of these tips and experience, the time you have playing will be significantly more fun! I would appreciate it if you could comment and tell me how this was so I can improve in the future. Good luck and have fun playing Magic: The Gathering Arena!


    Rate this article Magic: The Gathering Arena Tips And Tricks

    (4.53/5) 91 rates


    Nice game :D

    11 december 2019 05:46

    great article and i ove card games

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    this article is really nice and provides me with lots of information

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    love your work dude

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    I wonder what else I can get.

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    nice article, you really explained everything wel and organized it.

    27 november 2019 03:03

    класпізнавальна стаття відразу все зрозумів респект засновнику

    14 december 2019 15:48

    It's a really nice card game👍and also thumbs up👍 for the article too

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    Nice! It Looks Good!

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