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    (4.07/5) 29 rates
    mixtape_maker, 5 february 2019 19:19

    "Lunar New Year Sale" - Steam

    Valve has launched a big sale of games in honor of the Chinese New Year in its digital video game platform service - Steam. The Lunar New Year sale will end on February 11, 2019 at 13:00 Washington Time. The event features many game sales, emojis and interesting features to be attained - so let's get right into it, shall we?

    When buying games during the promotion, qualifying purchases of over 30€ will receive an automatic discount of 5€. This is a one time offer, and the discount will not be applied for any game but the first one that was bought.
    The event also features red envelopes with coins. You get tokens (coins) by buying games: you'll receive 121 tokens per 1€ you spend (133 tokens per 1€ for gifts) and you also get a certain tokens when you start the event, based "on your previous purchases". The currency can be spent in the Reward Booth for emoticons, profile backgrounds, buy discounts for games, buy a badge or get the all new and special "golden profile" feature. Here's what it looks like: 

    This, however, will not stay permanently and will go away after the sale ends if you bought the 4000 token offer, or will stay until March 6 if you buy the "level-up" offer that costs an additional 12000 tokens on top of the initial golden profile purchase. While it certainly isn't cheap to accumulate so many tokens, it definitely does look cool.
    You can also buy emoticons of piggies, all of them cost 100 tokens, so anybody can get at least one of them. Pretty cool, in my opinion.
    There are also backgrounds, going for one thousand a piece, but these didn't peak my interest too much.

    The backgrounds that you can buy at the Lunar New Year reward booth

    The 12 emoticons, with my favorite one being the "Pig In a Blanket", which is the one I bought

    Both the backgrounds and the emoticons will stay forever, but the tokens won't. So hurry up and spend them all until the they evaporate, because they do not carry over to any upcoming sales.
    However, as we all know, what interests us the most are the game sales. These are the games that in my opinion will catch most people's interest, especially considering how recent some of them are and how big of a discount they are getting: 

    Dark Souls 3: 15€, 75% discount from 59.99€

    Far Cry 5: The same story as with Dark Souls 3, going down to 14.99€ from 59.99€ (75% discount once again)

    Assassin's Creed: Odyssey: 29.99€, 50% off from 59.99€

    And last but not least: the newest Tekken Game, it being the 7th one. Tekken 7 is 50% off, going from 39.99€ to 19.99€.

    Although the sale and even is cool, it does feel a bit out of reach with it's community, especially considering the amount of money needed to spend to even come close to the "Golden Profile" reward. While it could be improved, it's a good promotion and definitely features some of the games that many people wanted to buy, but couldn't afford. 
    All in all, the Lunar New Year Sale, while not being anything spectacular, is certainly not a bad sale. It features some new titles which a lot of people wanted to get their hands on, and, if they have some cash to spend, can do so now. You can check the sale and it's rewards out here:

    Rate this article "Lunar New Year Sale" - Steam

    (4.07/5) 29 rates


    old news but i get 1 game from this festival.. thx to steam for make this event

    8 may 2019 09:12

    good game

    16 may 2019 02:29

    yeah, it is very attractive but gamehag.com never send me the code in time to join the sale.

    4 may 2019 05:15

    Good article. I only managed to get the emoticons.

    15 august 2019 16:36

    Amazing Article, Enjoyed as much as always reading it!

    13 march 2019 21:26

    Good information!

    11 march 2019 09:43

    Really Nice work

    6 march 2019 20:10

    This picture is good!

    2 may 2019 11:48

    classic but gold very nice article man

    22 april 2019 11:00

    Golden Profile is waste. Rather buy a badge & level it up. Sale is good. Witcher 3 GOTY is on its Lowest price ever. Good article btw

    7 february 2019 09:57