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    (4.29/5) 35 rates
    Lozorius, 23 december 2017 21:51

    Lords Mobile short rewiew

    Lords mobile is a mobile strategy game that is quite reminiscent of old style browser based strategies.


    • Interesting and involving guild mechanics
    • Exiting Hero battles
    • Long turtorial
    • Complicated city managment.

    Right of the bat game hits you with very uninvolving turtorial witch is very drawn out and dosent realy do the job of introducing new player to the mechanics of purposes of buildings and theyr interactions. Personaly I lost wht game wanted me to remember after first 2 or 3 buildings that I had to quick upgrade. turtorial is filed wih these steps for every building you will build in the first hour or so player will be forced to do those free speed up turtorial steps. And after that another hour or two will be invested into understanding city mechanics.

    Of course basics are easy to understand. Resource fields generate resourcess baracks enable you to build soldiers but anything else is hiden in the menus. To upgrade any building layer must know witch other buildings unlock upgrade for a desired building. So I ended up upgrading everything at the same rate not knowing why I need some of the building with I only after a couple of days lerned purpose of.

    But complex turtorial and building mechanics aside this game has a lot to offer ! Firstly war map has a lot to explore various monsters to defeat, resource fields to gather and dungeons to explore. But this requres player to join a guild.

    There a plenty of guild to join but I would recomend to join one that is bigger and active, even better if you join in with your friends. that way you will be able to experiance the most from the game. Raids, monster hunts, and guild battles. Also you will be able to get into complex politics between guilds and players from all over the world.

    And lastly heroes. game has plenty of heroes fit for anyone from armored fighters to powerfull mages and anything in between. Game truly shines in that regard. of course to aquire better heroes player will have to invest a lot of time but he will be rewarded with a powerfull heroes that will let them to concure the lands of Lords mobile kingdom.

    So in conclusion if you are willing to sit through long and tedious turtorial you will definetly fing quite a gem of mobile stratery.

    Rate this article Lords Mobile short rewiew

    (4.29/5) 35 rates

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    Lords Mobile

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    14 may 2019 04:25

    very nice

    6 june 2018 08:43


    12 december 2018 16:28

    found it quiet good

    20 may 2018 23:41


    12 december 2018 16:26


    12 december 2018 16:25

    r6sdhugytdy5ti 7uo

    12 december 2018 16:27

    Game truly shines in that regard

    28 december 2017 17:50

    guys i did not receive any reward i complete every thing in task like monster hunt 2 research and hunt on map monster level 2 castle level 9 help ?????????

    3 june 2018 05:20

    I complite contrakt but I didn't get reward(up to 16Lv). Why???????

    6 april 2018 19:17