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    (5/5) 11 rates
    noobda, 3 november 2017 08:10

    Limbo [Steam Game] - Review

    The game Limbo is an indie game that was awarded the best independent game and was first released on Android, now this game is on steam from the developer Playdead. This game is a pretty fun game, actually a horror game where you play as boy who need to find his way out through the terrifying and dark world. A lot of puzzles and physics are required to play the game, either way you can go through the walkthroughs to get it done easily....
    This game is pretty much monochrome, i.e; black and white, and sometimes when you get crushed, it'll show red...

    PS: This isn't a free game, its a paid game.... Only once in June 2016 it was free if I recall correctly


    The game Limbo is a game where a boy enters Limbo being uncertain about his sis's fate. Lets see some steam information about this game first.

    • Single Player
    • Very Positive Reviews
    • No Trading Cards though
    • Has Steam Achievements (11/13 are easy to achieve, just collecting some easter eggs in the hidden places, the rest are quite hard to achieve)
    • Has Steam cloud saves [which is a nice feature, works cross-platform, I tested it]
    • This game is available for Windows, MAC and Linux(steamos)
    • Has FULL controller support [yes xbox gamepad or any xinput one works excellent]

    I played this game on both Windows and on Ubuntu, on ubuntu somehow this game was running fine at 30fps, it never dropped below 23fps though... On windows on the other hand, it went as low as 12fps and again up to 35fps, I am using the same hardware on both the OSs, I don't know why that occured. Anyway the game is addicting so who cares a few fps drops on windows....

    This game has pretty much basic controld, just the up, down, left and right for the movement of the boy, and one more control to move some objects, turn on/off some switches in the game, which is the "Control" key, that's pretty much about it. Now as you progress in the game you'll notice that the game actually is a story based and is quite interesting to explore until you find an easter egg hidden somewhere in the level, and you'll notice that there are many, which inturn give you achievements for finding the easter eggs... Nice one to be honest, if you can't manage to find all of them, don't worry just compete the game first, its pretty interesting...

    To gain achievements you'll have to get those eggs in the game, for which you'll find youtube as your best friend, and a lot of walkthroughs help finding them all....

    Did I mention there is a 

    [spoiler alert] 

    secrete level in the game which is quite hard to find, but once you complete the game, and start exloring you'll notice that path but that actually is a secret level which has one achievement, which is the second hardest achivement to get in this game.... (don't worry, there is youtube if you can't find it)

    The game has some clenching and horrifying objects that tear down and keep the game more interesting and basically more fun...

    The above is a screen shot of the easter egg, its location and how to get it...

    So, that's pretty much it about the game, by the way did I mention that the game has a down side too, yeah that's well, the game feels very short, I mean after completing the game you feel like, 'Oh! the game is over already, I wish it has more to it', but you'll notice that after playing like for 50hrs which is not a small game to be frank... It even has one more game called INSIDE which is from the same developer and the same boy who goes into the center of a dark project, this game has overwhelmingly positive reviews...

    Overall, LIMBO is a pretty interesting indie game, packed with a lot of puzzles and physics involved in it. I'd suggest you don't go through walkthroughs at the beginning, I'd say you have to explore quite a bit and you'll eventually find a way to get to the solution of that level's puzzle... Anyway that's the last resort to get the achievements, if you care about them...


    Rate this article Limbo [Steam Game] - Review

    (5/5) 11 rates


    very nice and scary

    9 december 2021 13:40

    good article

    2 december 2020 14:55

    this is so hard for me XD

    15 may 2020 12:55

    I love it. The general vibes, the monochrome design, the plot.

    Tnank you especially for mentioning that you speak about the Steam version of game. I mean, its non-free status, characteristics and so on.

    5 july 2020 14:28