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    Rate this article "Level Up! No.7"

    (4.51/5) 125 rates
    lord_felis, 11 june 2020 21:19

    Level Up! No.7

    Short news from the gamers' world.


    Support for Battlefield 5 officially ended last week. DICE's shooter got one last big update, which added new maps, new weapons and new vehicles to the game, but the studio had already predicted that from now on we should only expect smaller community events, no more breathtaking innovations. This, however, made the game fans really upset, who are not afraid to express their disappointment. On Twitter #SaveBFV campaign began and soon became popular, many youtubers and other content creators joined to it.

    Moreover, if that ins’t enough, someone has even launched a petition to save the game on, which currently holds roughly 7,150 signatories. As Seth Hauck, who is behind the initiative, writes, he feels that DICE should continue to support Battlefield 5, as the game has been very seriously improved since the weak start, and could even be the perfect World War II battle simulator. .

    DICE hasn’t responded to the petition yet, but let’s face it: since they are already focusing on their latest project, they are unlikely to return to Battlefield 5.


    New Mafia trailer is coming

    2K recently decided to renew all three Mafia games, but this has been fairly divisive so far. The Mafia 2 and Mafia 3 upgrades, which were released in mid-May, did not win fans, and many are afraid of what the legendary first part's remake will be. The developers haven't provided many things or any specific information about the project, only some minor things: they have shown us a few teaser pictures, they have said that there will be changes in the story and the map, and that's all
    But all will change this weekend, as the first story trailer for Mafia: Definitive Edition will debut as part of the PC Gaming Show. and the president of Hangar 13Haden Blackman, will also talk about the game. The show will start on June 13.


    Bloodborne on PC?

    There have been several insider rumors these days that Bloodborne may get a PC version, but now there seem to be a lot more in the background. The source claims that FromSoftware’s 2015 soulslike game will receive a remastered release with 4K / 60 fps, better textures and models, faster load times, and widescreen support. Plus, not only will PC users be happy with the revamped version, as the "new" Bloodborne is said to be available for PS5 as well. We haven’t received an official announcement about the case yet, but many think Sony and FromSoftware are planning to unveil the game at PS5 premiere.

    However, we may not have to wait until the event to take a look at the PC transcript. This is because a couple of images have recently been leaked that show a version of Bloodborne running on computers. Of course, it’s all worth treating with reservations, as we’ve got unofficial pictures, but it’s to be acknowledged that Bloodborne on the PC seems more and more realistic.



    Massive leak from Gamereactor

    As we approach the big summer game announcements, various rumors and leaks are also intensifying. Just now, the editor of the Danish Gamereactor, Eirik Hyldbakk Furu, has published an article in which he has compiled games that so far only exist on a rumor level. According to the author, all the information he provides is 100% true, otherwise he would not run the risk of discrediting himself. 

    • New Batman - The new Batman teaser campaign at Warner Bros. Montreal has actually started, and they wanted to continue until E3, but the epidemic rewrote the plans. The game will be unveiled sometime over the summer and the look will be earlier than we think.

    • Harry Potter RPG - Another question mark from Warner, there is a 2018 leaked video so far and only a few rumors of uncertain sources. Gamereactor said it was also scheduled to be unveiled at this year’s E3, but the current plan is unknown.

    • Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered - As EA won't have a big autumn release in addition to the usual sports games, so they enter into the remake wave. Announcement is expected during the EA Play Live event.

    • Fable 4 - Another source confirms that the new Fable is being made by the Playground Games (Forza Horizon) team. There’s no more info in the article, but we’ll probably see it during the Inside Xbox in July.

    • Horizon Zero Dawn 2 - Will be unveiled at the PS5 event.
    • Demon's Souls Remake - According to Gamereactor, this will be a "mysterious" project of Bluepoint Games, which will be more than a simple remake. The remake of the first Souls game is, of course, coming to PS5.

    • Resident Evil 8 - In line with previous rumors, Gamereactor claims that the game, which starts as a spin off and will eventually become a numbered sequel, will take place in a village and will be released as early as 2021.

    What's free now?

    • Free To Play :
      Ubisoft is giving us another free Rainbow Six Siege weekend. R6 is one of today’s most popular online PvP shooters, and now anyone will be able to see if it’s really worthy of the title. From June 11th to June 15th we will be able to try the game for free on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

    • Free:
      If it's Thursday, Epic Games gives us some free stuff. Although the Epic Store simply referred to this week’s gift as a Mystery Game, it was already suggested that the ARK: Survival Evolved will be their free game this week due to the Facebook ad that came out early yesterday. And that has become certain today. The dinosaur survival game is already available in Epic's digital store.


    Rate this article Level Up! No.7

    (4.51/5) 125 rates


    Good job for writing such a wonderful article.

    29 june 2020 11:23

    i love all of this game nice article

    29 june 2020 20:49

    Good job for writing such a wonderful article.

    5 october 2020 21:27

    well written article gta 5 was the most insane freebie ever

    3 february 2022 07:12

    I'm glad that ARK became free to claim, because now I can play it with my friends that didn't have the game

    13 june 2020 02:43

    Wow very nice article..and every thing is true.

    3 may 2021 11:05

    o my god i want to get all off thise games for years and yes bloodbore is a good game pls buy it it is worth it

    6 september 2020 19:03

    Well done! Are these weekly?

    29 june 2020 17:46

    i really like this game and the article was just an extra addition. 10/10

    12 june 2020 17:41

    well written article gta 5 was the most insane freebie ever

    12 june 2020 13:48