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    (4.5/5) 32 rates
    sawon2403, 9 february 2019 08:26

    Leon Scott Kennedy - History of a HERO

    On January 25, 2019, CAPCOM released their remake of Resident Evil 2. Its been 20 science the original was released. resident evil 2 was the first game where we were introduced to Leon S Kennedy, an iconic character in the Resident Evil franchise. So I decided to talk about the Hero who saved humanity multiple times from the terrifying virus that turns humans into a flesh-eating monster.

    Be warned, this article contains a lot of spoilers about the Resident Evil storyline. So you might need to skip it if you are thinking of playing Resident Evil 2, 4 and 6.

    • Name:                                Leon Scott Kennedy
    • Race/Nationality:            Caucasian/American
    • Occupation:                      Police officer (1998), USSTRATCOM agent (1998-2011), DSO agent (2011-)

    Image result for leon s kennedy appearance

    The Beginning-Resident Evil 2:
    The story begins in 1998. A young rookie police officer arrives on his first day in the Midwestern United States town of Raccoon City. But unfortunately a viral outbreak has started, and people are turning into zombies because of the T Virus. There Leon meets with Claire Redfield another playable character on RE2 Remake, together they headed towards to the Raccoon City Police Department but because of an unfortunate event, they got separated. They again cross path at the Umbrella Corporation underground research complex which is responsible for the zombie outbreak.

    Inside the police station, Leon meets with Marvin Branagh who was wounded and turned into a zombie later. Along the way Leon teams-up with Ada Wong who claims to be an FBI agent. But very soon Leon finds out that she is a spy seeking a sample of the even more powerful G-virus. Though Ada helps Leon in his final fight against the unstoppable T-103 Tyrant by tossing a Rocket Launcher. Leon destroys the Tyrant and mutated Umbrella scientist William Birkin and escapes from the self-destructing facility along with Claire and Birkin's young daughter Sherry.

    Image result for resident evil 2 remake leon
    (Leon and Ada)

    The Rescue Mission-Resident Evil 4:
    Leon later joined the U.S. federal government. In 2004, United State president's daughter Ashley Graham was kidnaped and being held somewhere in Europe. Leon was assigned with a mission to rescue her. He was sent to investigate on his own, along with two members of the local police. Later he found out that something bizarre happened to the local villagers and those two officers were killed. Then he found out that Ashley's kidnappers turn out to be part of an evil cult known as Los Illuminados, and they took control of the villagers using a parasite known as Las Plagas.

    Later he was captured and injected with the parasite. With help from Ada and the Illuminados researcher Luis Sera, Leon is able to remove Las Plagas from his body and to rescue Ashley while confronting the cult. At the final battle, Leon was able to kill the cult leader Osmund Saddler, but he was forced to give a Plagas sample to Ada. Then Leon and Ashley to escape on a Jet Ski.

    Image result for resident evil 4 leon and Ashley
    (Leon and Ashley)

    The Great Crisis-Resident Evil 6:

    2012, another American town called Tall Oaks is overrun by zombies following a bioterrorist attack that killed the new U.S. president Adam Benford. Leon escapes from Tall Oaks and team up with fellow survivor Helena Harper. Later Leon reunites with a grown-up Sherry Birkin and Ada Wong. Together they save the world from a global outbreak.

    Related image
    (Leon and Helena)

    Leon also appears in films and other non-canonical games in the series. That's a topic that I'm going to leave for another day. 
    See ya all later.

    Rate this article Leon Scott Kennedy - History of a HERO

    (4.5/5) 32 rates


    at RE2 Leon is very innocent, the fact is he can to lie with Ada Wong

    8 may 2019 09:33

    this game is vey scade game and but this game is the best

    14 march 2019 10:33

    they did right by doing remake

    29 april 2019 14:46

    After reading this article it has made me consider buying RE:2, the information about leon is interesting

    17 february 2019 09:30

    Cool picture!

    10 march 2019 00:34

    a hero indeed nice artical

    1 may 2019 00:17

    i love leon i hope to see him again in coming resident evils

    17 march 2019 11:52

    history of hero?

    26 march 2019 16:43

    i play as Helena ^v^

    9 march 2021 03:39

    Good job ;)

    18 march 2019 07:37