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    Rate this article "League of Legends(Vayne review)"

    (4.29/5) 7 rates
    eagleeye, 14 december 2017 20:44

    League of Legends(Vayne review)

    Vayne is an "old" league of legends champion that used to crash enemies since the begining. She's kind of the champ that has high risk, high reward. Read more about it, below:


    Her passive might not look impresive, however movement speed is esential on her, since she's considered an assasin ADC. This passive gives her the possibility to chase down the enemy ADC or support if any of them are caught in a bad spot or far away from their turret. The bonus is really good combined with her ultimate, Final Hour. That will give her the chance to position better in teamfights, chase in 1v1 where she's supposed to win most of the time.


    Tumble is her Q ability. For a low mana cost and short cooldown, she's able to dash to a short location and it will amplify her next atack. It's very good to avoid skillshots, traps or to chase down people. This ability shines in combination with her ultimate, Final hour. After you cast ultimate and then Q, you will be invisible for 1 second, which might not seem that much, but it will give you enough time to get a better possition against your enemy. The bonus AD percentage is pretty good so going for a more attack damage build instead of attack speed is good if you decide to max first this ability(which I recommand to do it)


    Silver bolts is just a passive. But a strong one.After her 3rd attack will strike and will deal true damage which is really good against tanks in late game. Also her E applies a stack on her enemy. If you decide to max this ability first, go for a more attack speed oriented build to proc it multiple times.


    This ability is her main defensive tool. She can throw away an enemy if they threaten your life, but if you manage to throw them into a wall or a turret,they will be stunned for 1.5 second, also the bonus repeats in this case. There is no way to max this first, you want to max it after you max R,Q,W. As you can see, this ability has a pretty long cooldown time so you need to be sure when to use it, cause you might need it and you won't be able to recast it.


    Final hour is her best ability. She gains so many things after she casts it. She gains bonus AD, gains stealth after she uses Q and her movement speed on her passive is trippled. Vayne shines the most in late game while she can do tricky play in a 1v1, 1v2 or 1v3 situations.


    #1 Attack -> Q -> Attack

    #2 Attack -> E -> Attack

    #3 Attack -> Q -> E

    #4 Attack -> Q(don't attack yet) -> E -> Attack

    Overall Vayne was and it still can be a powerful ADC that can carry out games if she's played properly. It's not as easy as it looks, but once you get to master this champ, the reward will be worth it.

    Rate this article League of Legends(Vayne review)

    (4.29/5) 7 rates

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    Very nice article, its helpful a lot for players. A lot of good tips. One of the better articles i have seen. Keep that great work!

    18 march 2020 18:31

    Very nice article, its helpful a lot for players. A lot of good tips. But vayne top players suck

    19 july 2020 17:05

    yeah this i remember in my child hood

    27 july 2020 21:20

    Im trying to find which character best suits me ty for the article!

    7 april 2020 05:01