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    (3.64/5) 14 rates
    Nermija, 6 december 2018 16:10

    Just Cause 3

    I'm in my element: The gas tank explodes in a blazing fireball. The metal shell, which has been broken into dozens of pieces, drills through nearby fuel tanks, transformers and radars, all of which each give up their spirits with a loud "humming sound" in an impressive explosion. Thankfully, an explosive charge has paralyzed the entire infrastructure of this military base. Wait a minute: there is still a tank like a miracle spared by the blindingly bright fire chaos! Shit, I do not have any grenades anymore. And only one more shot in the rocket launcher, which I prefer to keep for the possible attack of a helicopter or an enemy with rapid-fire gun. Luckily I still have my throwing hooks. Just a barrel with an explosive liquid anvisiert: Zack, the first hook sits. With the second I sight the estimated about 10,000 liter capacity tank. Zack, hit. With a remote control, I can now drive in between the two tensioned rope at high speed. The barrel races towards the tank. Boom. Gorgeous - this action can be so destructive!

    Most notably, even at the end of about 15 to 20 hours using the 25 missions campaign, I have not tired of the explosive chaos. Every explosion that lit the screen as a result of a deliberate chain reaction has brought a smile to my face. Nobody currently stages fireballs as impressive and imposing as Avalanche. Also, the seemingly limitless dynamics of the movement has ensured that I have repeatedly taken the pad in his hand to complete the campaign of Rico Rodriguez against the nasty dictator Di Ravello to end. One can not only run, drive, steer boats or fly by and across the rich more than 1000 square kilometer fictional world of the Mediterranean island state Medici. In addition, you can always overcome the terrain either by parachute or wingsuit and switch largely seamlessly from vehicles in the flight or the glide. If you open the wingsuit, after hanging on a parachute with the grapple hook up a rugged cliff has worked up, then with a monkey tooth just barely escapes the treetops and finally a few meters above the ground by grab hook additionally momentum to extend the flight duration , the adrenalin level goes up. At least until the moment you misjudge yourself, place the hook in the wrong direction, and do not rush over the cliffs with a few centimeters of headroom, but make frontal contact and the screen turns red, perhaps even black as a sign of impending demise. Ouch. No matter. And again. Higher faster further. Since I do not care that the indicated speed of the vehicles so do not agree with the felt (usually slower).

    But not everything in Medici provides adrenaline and happy upturned corners of the mouth. The story missions are doing harmless: Varied and especially in the last of the three acts always surprising, a wide range of action-packed tasks is called: Here is an escort. There a destruction. Then again rail sequences. Fight at dizzy heights. Navigate mine minefields. Snipers and ideally use the explosive elements of the environment to save ammunition. Even a ride on a rocket and a rapid chase on a train be retrieved. Pleasantly, Just Cause 3 does not take himself seriously and plays with his completely overdrawn action to excess. But there are also annoying elements. For sometimes it exaggerates Avalanche with the specifications to unlock the next mission. If you have to spend an hour or two getting all three provinces under your control, each consisting of five to seven areas where you have to destroy everything that belongs to Di Ravello and his troops, that can be annoying. Because there is much less variety here. Yes: the areas, such as a harbor, can be a bit more spacious. But in principle, the filling action is off the rewarding explosions in the long run too redundant. Again and again destroyed in cities billboards, speakers or the obligatory statue Di Ravello and penetrates into the local police station. And again and again, tanks, radar systems and transformers have to believe in military installations. Over and over again.

    Rate this article Just Cause 3

    (3.64/5) 14 rates


    I laved this game

    7 december 2018 10:25


    7 december 2018 15:47

    Demolition game

    22 december 2018 23:11

    Awesome game

    7 december 2018 15:09

    I loved the game it has better graphics than gta 5 but i wish it had more content and better online 😅

    9 december 2018 18:05

    Nice article.

    20 june 2019 03:55

    Nice! Tis good game!!

    8 december 2018 01:19

    Old days

    7 december 2018 22:25

    good content

    7 december 2018 17:35


    8 december 2018 02:13