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    (4.77/5) 13 rates
    faishal, 23 august 2017 15:56

    Insurgency Review

    Insurgency is a suitable game to play with your friends, because this game is very challenging and also this game you can buy for $ 6.67

    This initial INSURGENCY was made as a mod of the Half-life2 game
    Finally so standalone using the same engine that is source engine (same engine used in CSGO). So it can be said that this is INSURGENCY 2 or INSURGENCY Standalone.

    I. Gameplay:

    Gameplay this game in general like COD, CSGO, PB etc. Ie PvP shooting FPS in the medium arena with CQB (Close Quarter Combat) dominance up to medium range arena, the map in this game is13 map with the choice of daylight per map. This game consists of several gameplay modes
    - Skirmish (PvP) = fighting area + hunting ammo cache
    - Infiltration (PvP) = meperebutkan intel
    - Firefight (PvP) = like Skirmish but without respawn wave
    - Checkpoint Co-op (PvE) = AI opponent cooperation from point a to b
    - Hunt (PvE) = hunt AI until nothing remains
    - Strike (PVP) = hunt Ammo cache
    - Ambush (PVP) = Escort VIP
    - Occupy (PvP) = Seize and retain 1 area
    - Push (PvP) = defend and attack certain points like rush mode in serial BF3 and BF4
    - survival = survive!
    Hardcore Gameplay!
    What makes this game interesting (IMO) is the simulation factor that is implemented in the game tsb. In this game there is no crosshair, minimap, hit mark, time, Friendly fire on, etc. On the screen there is only a friend indicator in the form of diamond shape (but sometimes also in hardcore mode), and there is also an Objective indicator, and shooting mode. For those who play early will find it difficult to adapt to the game, because the principle of 'run and gun' is difficult to apply here, all must be coordinated and calculated. 1 bullet is enough to kill an opponent without a vest / armor. Forget quick scope, shoot while jumping especially for '360 no scope' thing.Game2 FPS similar to this game include Red Orchestra, Verdun.
    Source Engine
    Another advantage of this game is to use engine source, engine used in international E-sports matches such as CSGO where Netcode and server stability take precedence. CMIIW: A good netcode makes this game more fair and accurate (proper hit detection, more friendly to players with large pings) so it is worth to compete
    Great Map Design
    The arena in this game tends to be fair because the majority of the map is designed with the method of mirroring or the easy shape of the arena is made symmetrical for both sides so it looks more fair.

    II. Graphic:

    Relatively Light
    Because using the source engine, this game is relatively light not too demanding hi end spec to play it. But otherwise this game does not have the same graphics quality game2 AAA other shooter like Battlefield 4, COD AW, and so on. But the display of its lighting effects is still very good (IMO)

    III. Sound:

    IMO the default sound from the installer is not too impressive, less jolly klo in my opinion, but can not be said bad.
    But thanks to the steam workshop with ease we can change the sound quality of the shot to his music in accordance with our tastes, and available sound quality effects are far better in the steam workshop
    Ingame VOIP or more easily its clear direct in-game communication makes it easier to communicate 1 team without the need for support software such as teamspeak, mumble etc. But as in real life, the consequences of the enemy can also hear us speak when we are close to the enemy.

    IV. Developer

    The thing that we often complain about in the game is the poor attention / response of the developer to the input or criticism of its player community, but so far the developers of New World Interactive responded well with periodically repair patches patches as well as they also provide DLC folder / additional mode for free where Often triple A developers ask for money for their game DLC.

    V. Overall:
    This game comes to those who are saturated with generic triple A title games and want to feel a more challenging sensation and closer to simulated war but still intense like arcade-style gameplay.
    + Source Engine (great netcode)
    + Relatively light graphics
    + Realism
    + Relatively cheap price (steam +/- 115rb, when sale +/- 50rb rupiah)
    + Free DLCs
    + Costumizable (maps, weapons, sound, graphics etc)
    + Great Balance
    - Hardcore
    - Graphics are not special
    - There are still minor Bugs
    - Vanilla sounds ordinary.
    - Variant weapons are not much when compared with games like Battlefield or COD

    So many of my reviews, again this is a review that is IMO (in my opinion)
    thank you

    Rate this article Insurgency Review

    (4.77/5) 13 rates


    Тп игра говорю отвечаю

    27 january 2020 15:32

    It's a good game, but much harder and less fun than CS GO

    12 february 2020 07:14

    all csgo players playing this amazing game

    18 september 2017 16:31


    4 february 2020 05:07

    The question is, Is this better than CS??? for the almost near price?!?

    30 august 2017 19:31

    great game a bit hardcore but its fun

    17 september 2017 00:30