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    Sandr000, 31 july 2018 01:42

    How to trade your way to a knife or any other expensive skin in CS:GO!

    In this guide I will try and teach you to how to trade your way to a knife or other expensive skins and how to actually get them (unlike other article that tells you just to buy them 4head) by a simple method where only required thing is PATIENCE !  ... and the mobile steam guard to trade ofcourse...

    The first step!

    First off we need the item to start with, more expensive it is the easier it will be to start cause nobody wants to spend time on 0.1$ worth of items. these kind of stuff is good to start with:

    •  Key
    • item worth at least 1$ (skip the text below)

    "B-but I don't have any of those, what do I do?" 
    Don't worry, try selling all the cases that you have and try to get at least 0.3$ worth of skin of a weapon that is used frequently (M4/M16A4/AK-47/AWP/P90 or other useful pistol/weapon) which aren't too new (by new I mean the date release not the quality of it), have pretty steady price and try to get the best quality as possible. Can't sell/buy? Then just trade these cases and cheap skins for 1 average skin.

    Step 2

    So you got that starting skin

    For example you got this skin which is worth about 1$ 

    next thing you do with it is you trade it for 2 or 3 items but their overall price must be worth more than your skin

    Nice! You made your first trade and made ~0.2$ of profit and you downgraded (you traded 1 expensive item for 2 cheap ones aka 1:2), but don't too get excited because we just started.

    Step 3

    Now you trade with someone who is looking to downgrade but wants profit just like you did the trick is, you pay less than the guy who paid you. In other words the guy who just traded with you "paid" you 0.2$ and now you're going to pay less than that.

    "But why did we just do that?"

    Because downgrading is bad and you should pay more when you upgrade and same goes for opposite. The more you downgrade the more you should get paid but try not to go above 1:4

    So just try to pay as little as possible and sell for as much as possible (but don't get too greedy).

    and you repeat this until you get your first key or just continue without getting involved with keys

    Step 4 (optional)

    So you already have the key. This is the part where you can get a little bit more cheeky and ask for more than you asked before because keys are some kind of ingame currency, they are like some kind of bonus. You should try to trade them for as much expensive items as possible but average is about 0.3-0.5$


    Probably the most important part of this article is this part, because if you have the wrong mindset for trading, you won't be able to make it no matter what you have. You can do anything with the correct mindset even if you have nothing, but not the opposite. You must understand that you shouldn't always think about it, because it might take days or weeks and if think about it too much you'll get tired in no time. Just think of this as thing to do when you have nothing to do or just taking a break. You can post your trade offer in many trading websites and continue doing tasks here, collecting soul gems and also getting profit or being at school/college/work/outside.

    But if you still feel like giving up try to listen to some motivational speeches on youtube!


    The end

    Thank you for reading my article! Hopefully I helped you with my quirky paint skills :D 

    and remember no matter what you can do it!

    Puppy believes in you! <3 :D


    Rate this article How to trade your way to a knife or any other expensive skin in CS:GO!

    (4.15/5) 26 rates



    5 august 2018 07:29


    5 august 2018 06:49

    I learn it

    21 august 2018 08:06

    Just wow xD

    3 august 2018 19:33

    Interesting article, although I don't believe it will be effective.

    31 july 2018 08:44

    Ehh... gl with the new 7 days trade hold. It will probably take you an year to go from $2 to $5

    8 august 2018 14:58

    I don't know anything about CS:GO so looks fine to me

    31 july 2018 08:26

    i would give this a try

    5 august 2018 01:24

    I believe in you too but im not interested in CS:GO,

    31 july 2018 12:27


    31 july 2018 06:47