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    Rate this article "How to play Fuze (Rainbow Six Siege)"

    (3.8/5) 15 rates
    Shedevil88, 16 october 2017 19:26

    How to play Fuze (Rainbow Six Siege)

    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is a FPS made by ubisoft which gives a lot of emphasis on cooperation between players on each team. This Guide will mostly focus on one of the operators in the game called Fuze.

    Operator info:

    Operator: Fuze

    (SPETSNAZ) – Attacker

    Fuze is a heavy operator (3/3) with very low speed (1/3). Despite him being slow he does possess a very valuable and unique gadget called APM-6 “MATRYOSHKA” which can fie live cluster grenades through walls and floors. Operator’s real name is SHUHRAT KESSIKBAYEV, born in SAMARKAND on October 12, 1982.

    Fuze can pick between various weapons. His primary weapons include a ballistic shield, a 6P41 and an AK12. Secondaries offer a GSH-18 ad a PMM. Generic gadgets offer a breach charge and a stun grenade which can both be very useful in different situations.


    1st way of playing Fuze:

    1 thing Fuze is really good at is killing everything in sight (or behind a wall/ under the ceiling) with his “cluster grenades”. He is also very good at killing the hostage, which will fail your mission instantly and you will face a defeat (and possibly a rage train from your teammates or a kick vote). Always make sure what type of mission you’re playing and where exactly is the hostage situated.


    2nd way of playing Fuze:

    Another thing Fuze is really good at is also killing your own teammates. Always keep track of your own team, try to predict where they will be headed and make sure not to blast any of your cluster charges right on top of them or besides them. The consequences of team killing will most likely be the same as for hostage killing – NOT GOOD!


    3rd way of playing Fuze:

    Once you make sure that the 1st and 2nd way of playing Fuze are out of the picture, it’s time to move on to a more helpful side of playing this operator. Remember – NO HOSTAGE KILLING AND NO TEAM KILLING.

    Once again, what makes Fuze so unique is his ability to place and detonate “cluster charges” which can penetrate breakable surfaces (certain walls and ceilings) and hopefully kill all the enemies inside.

    At the beginning of the round always try to make sure to make the best use of your drone. Try to locate the mission objective and hopefully not get your drone destroyed in the process. If one of your teammates locates the mission objective, try to hide your drone close enough to still be able to monitor the enemy movement and location. It will be very important for your further actions. Once you determine the enemy position check where your teammates are located. Try to get in a good position to “smoke out” the enemy operators with your cluster charge so your teammates are able to shoot them down easily, while the enemy is on the run. The enemy will have to choose from either fleeing their location and getting picked off by your teammates (or yourself) or they stay and get killed by your cluster grenades. Either way it’s a win-win situation.

    If you are playing a hostage situation try not to deploy your cluster charge right next to the hostage or above him. The best thing to do is to completely avoid deploying your cluster charge in the hostage room. In this case, try to locate enemies (with your drone if possible) that might be hiding in nearby rooms and deploy your cluster charge there. Position yourself near the room, activate your cluster charge and wait for the enemies to flee and just shoot them down with your weapon.


    I hope this guide will make your R6S experience a bit more fun and enjoyable (or worse if you pick the first 2 options). Have fun!

    Rate this article How to play Fuze (Rainbow Six Siege)

    (3.8/5) 15 rates


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