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    Rate this article "Hearts Of Iron 4 Review"

    (3.77/5) 13 rates
    HDpro, 6 january 2018 21:43

    Hearts Of Iron 4 Review

    So are you planning on buying this expensive alternate history based game and just don't know if its worth it.Today ill give my opinion on the topic.

    Now i think that the game isnt perfect but is a good game considering the amount of work gone into it.By work i mean the fact that people work in the steam workshop.However it isnt perfect and here is why : 1 The game is still worked in progress 2 At the time of making this HOI4 is worth almost 50$ and suprisingly not alot of people living outside of the USA are willing to spend so much money on a game. 3 The game isn't the type of thing you will want to play right now. Ok lets talk about them in order. 1 The game is still in progress meaning there is more to come but still really unfinished so isnt worth it yet cause of the amount of diffrence that will happen to it and probably move to HOI5 as soon as its worked out. 2 Is probably needed because people don't play / buy 
    alternate history games all that often.3this is mostly going back to my 1 issue but the game isnt ment to be played yet considering the amount of bugs happening lets take multiplayer games for example. Multiplayer is made in an awful way considering that interent connection is IMPOSSIBLE to be fixed if problems are made.Because you lag back not only yourself but everyone else with you.There are more examples that i will just not go into detail about.After all of this negativity you might think that i will say that you shouldnt buy it but no. While the game has its big flaws , it still has a chance and not only that but its made with hard work from paradox and we should appriciate their effort by atleast helping them make the next day.

    Rate this article Hearts Of Iron 4 Review

    (3.77/5) 13 rates


    Good and very true.

    2 june 2019 06:57

    It Would Have Been Better If It Was Not A Wall Of Text. Also You Could talk about Ai which Makes The Game Less Enjoyable

    27 july 2019 12:36

    Sorry, but this is one of the worst reviews on this site. Ok, a new games has some bugs... and further? No content of the game, just a few boring personal thoughts.

    3 december 2019 15:16