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    (4.83/5) 18 rates
    Janoka88, 2 october 2017 19:00

    Half Life

    An epic adventure!

    Half-Life test

    From Half-Life, there are three things you can think of routine players today: an outstanding FPS, the birth of a market-leading game development and publishing company, and an unfinished story.

    From the FPS of the '90s, we can not really claim to have been composing complex, serious stories. In the 2000s, the story-driven action games populated, and this was not due to Half-Life. The game, which has led to serious changes in both history and gameplay, was born into a newly born style that was still in its infancy. In my article I would like to explain why Half-Life was so decisive in its time.

    Our protagonist is one of Black Mesa's research staff, 27-year-old Gordon Freeman, who, as a result of a teleportation attempt at the beginning of the game, opens the door to the so-called Border Light, Xenre, from which aggressive alien forms begin to enter the secret facility. The government soon becomes aware of the catastrophe in the institute it operates and instantly sends its military troops prepared for such special cases to the scene. The helpless scientists are waiting for the military to save them while Freeman sticks and shoots firearms and takes control of the situation.


    The basic scenario outlined above could be an insignificant act of an average FPS, which could give a loud reason for a little puff, but that is not the case. The history of Half-Life and the world that has been built around it has grown considerably more. In addition, in the previously published, standard action games, the (usually rabbit-tailed) action never got a credible, realistic serving as in this game. There are no translucent animations here, the game takes the control of the silent protagonist out of the player only in very justified cases, thus leaving room for a free experience. Consequently, a very direct act - also for this reason - is completely linear and well-traceable.

    The creators assigned the game to the story and not vice versa; while taking care to keep the balance between the two components mentioned. Clinging to credibility will never be at the expense of gameplay: the fighting is not being reversed because we are controlling a non-highly-trained scientist (in fact, this story is still built in sequences). At the same time, there were no gameplay elements that would render the authenticity of the historical rules set by the game void. Thus, (against the early FPSs) there is no reason to go without it, inexplicably floating armor, special ammunition and force builders on the tracks. Each game item has its rational explanation, logic and place within the gaming world, and not just simple game mechanics.

    And if we're in a gameplay: our armed scientist has a serious arsenal. It has become an iconic and has been left behind (after the missed experiment) (special informative words about the current health status of the wearer), with the exception of protective clothing suitable for practically military purposes, and other toys to protect the hero. We will have a shotgun, gun, rocket launcher, rifle rifle, grenade, and other extraterrestrial or prototype weaponry. Almost all of them are useful and there is no complaint about their operation; we will also have to use them.

    The advantage of the opponents will be exposed by warlike aliens, with a variety of tales, abilities, abilities, and fighting tactics. The other half of the road is made up of a professional targeting and militia-firing army. Thus, there will be no shortage of fierce fighting that will be even more difficult for the well-behaved (though sometimes stumbling) MI. The layout of the tracks is a skillful alternative to the ideal terrain for fighting, and a carefully conceived, thought-provoking corner of the key (which does not mean that it is not literally understood by Dooms), which is often an integral part of storytelling.


    In addition, the elemental (not counting) element of Half-life's (in itself) is that we will not only encounter enemy characters in our journey. We also meet with Black Mesa's guardians and scholars who sometimes share important information in a sentence with us about the story, but they also have other benefits. Guards and scholars follow us "to urge" and open us doors in our way that they only have access to and behind which they have valuable benefits. Guards also protect their weapons, and doctors cure us in critical situations. None of them, however, have serious personality, rather archetypes without individuality. In the sequel, these two character types were born again in a truly unique character (Dr. Isaac Kleiner and Barney Calhoun).

    "TIME TO CHOOSE ..."
    And what is special about these thousands of items? The fact that they were not familiar before the Half-Life were general elements in a video game. Gameplay was generally always more important in FPS than at the time. Here, both components are equally relevant and do not hinder or assist each other. The Goldsource, based on the modified Quake engine, created a spectacle that did not exist at the time; as the sounds and the music represented a similar quality. The fundamentally action-packed gameplay was sometimes overwhelmingly refractory, which was also rare in the first-ever action games of the '90s. By the time I was in the middle, I played the first Half-Life episode just after the release, so at first I did not understand the more modern games (such as the sequel) why this program was so special. For me it was clear when I compared the competitors of my own age and realized that at that time it was at least as novel as in 2004. After two such great games, I can only hope that this memorable story can finally come to an end.

    Rate this article Half Life

    (4.83/5) 18 rates


    hi guys im from the future. half life 3 is real.it will come soon just wait 15 years

    5 april 2020 10:23

    This game just doesn't get old.

    8 march 2019 04:33

    i want half life 2

    9 october 2017 16:22

    i love half life 5/5 star article thanks for sharing

    19 june 2020 09:01

    5/5 star article thanks for sharing

    5 october 2017 07:34

    good game and missing pictures for article

    20 march 2020 23:40

    I really like Half Life series, that's why i hope it releases half life 3

    9 october 2017 21:25

    games tooo much

    4 april 2020 20:02

    I miss this game so much.

    11 february 2019 10:34

    Its a good game for killing alien or other stuff

    5 october 2017 17:34