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    (3.96/5) 26 rates
    Botaminox, 9 july 2018 20:40

    Guns of Icarus Online

    This game is one like none other. It features dynamic aerial combat, stunning graphics, a tight nit, friendly community and entertaining gameplay all in one package. It is a game that draws players from every corner of the gaming community, and gives them the experience they have been looking for. Guns of Icarus Online is backed by a driven developer team who strive to see this game grow for the sake of entertaining the common gamer. It is easy to fall in love with this game, and hard to leave. To all those who brave the battle-laden skies of Guns Of Icarus, I wish to you fair winds, and clear skies.

    Do you enjoy intricate team based gameplay, where you need to trust in the skill of your allies? 
    Do you enjoy relatively easy mechanics that are tough to master? 
    Do you fancy yourself a leader, that likes to communicate and see his orders carried out by real people?
    Do you love a game with a close tight community, where people follow the rules and everyone is willing to teach you?
    If you said yes to any of these Guns of Icarus has a place for you.
    Do you not like having non transparent game mechanics? ( engines below 50% im looking at you )
    Do you not enjoy getting absolutely assblasted by people at the top tier of gameplay when you yourself are new?
    Do you not enjoy a shallow tutorial? Leaving your woefully unprepared at your class job ( Pilots )
    Do you not like NOT having an option to remove disruptive persons from your ship without having to remake a lobby?
    If you said yes to any of THESE things. Your early adventures into Guns of Icarus are going to be a nightmare. Beware this is not a game that you will enjoy, on your own, with no friends, to help guide you into things. Although to be fair, the community is always willing to answer questions and help you learn.
    I have played this game at the highest tier of play, as Pilot, Gunner, and Engineer. Theres almost nothing else like this game out there. Its intoxicating. Knowing that your ship is a well oiled death machine of personal indiviual skill AND complete trust in your companions. When I play with my clanmates, and we get matched up against other clans of equal footing, its indescribable. Sticking through the learning curve and getting to that lvl of play takes honest time effort and repition. 
    When I play for fun ( which is all I do nowadays ) I find that matchmaking is underperforming, claiming that a hidden MMR rating is used to match me up against people that have had this game for a couple days, whereas I've put over 1000 hours into this game. DISREGARD ALL PRETENSE OF MMR in public lobbies. There is none or near enough as to make no difference. 
    If you buy the game, find a clan of people that seem friendly and play often. and just learn the game from them. There are weekly and bi weekly tournaments that are streamed on Twitch, Community fights VS the Developers where the winners get FREE item choice from the store ( pretty awesome tbh )
    Almost forgot the steam workshop, where player created items are hand picked by the community to appear in game, if your creative. You could put your hand to work designing cosmetic items that could charge for or let go up for free. Its your choice. In my opinion the process of created work waiting review VS getting it into the game takes way too long.
     -here is a screenshot of the game :)

    Rate this article Guns of Icarus Online

    (3.96/5) 26 rates


    Hmm i don't know how to rate

    26 september 2019 22:31

    Yea sorry about the bold i am kinda used to it now. Bold is heavily used in my audio and video design class. Again sorry

    16 july 2018 16:35

    Why all bold? Why is half of the article question?

    10 july 2018 06:57

    Nice , its nice

    27 september 2019 12:15

    copy past

    19 july 2018 19:17

    finally someone to appreciate

    10 july 2018 03:17

    I love how you are so passionate on this game. This article shows how you want more people to enjoy this game as you enjoy it. Although, your whole article is italized. I wish you've italized the more important phrases/sentences in order for people to distinguish your point/view, You could.ve added more photos of your achievements on the game, your profile on the game, just more glimpse on the game, but overall, nice article.

    20 july 2018 16:23

    Finally someone to appreciate

    16 july 2018 20:09

    so why not awesome

    16 july 2018 17:58


    23 july 2018 22:36