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    hmmmm1239, 12 march 2021 21:43


    Getting easy soul gems for the ones who just joined (beginners) 

    Hey, so I have not been here myself for very long (been here only a week actually) but here we go.

    So firstly I would like to say that task rewards are different from region to region so your task might get more sg or less.

    1. First task you should do

    The first task is Lineage classic, yes it redirects to essence, but you can do it with essence game and it will count, but one drawback is that you will not be able to do essence task and the task is like 5-10 minutes not even joking very easy unless you get confused so it might take a bit longer (Note rewards for me classic: 1680 sg essence 780 sg) so I think it is worth the sacrifice, you still will not be able to do the classic anyway. Although you might get unlucky and get both tasks rejected.

    Bonus: for tasks world of warships and war thunder you can join the game rush to the enemy, die and go back to lobby/hangar and search for other match. After the previous match is over, if the won the game, you will get the win. Faster way to do it!

    2. Second is to do browser games

    Some of you might think that is a waste of time, do not worry, they are fairly easy some of them you can even leave away from keyboard. Its free sg, of course some are a waste of time so if you see it is hard to level up just drop it. Games I would recommend are Storm League, The World of Chaos, My Sunny Resort ( the first 2 tasks)

    You can find the game type with this link https://gamehag.com/games press type and select browser 


    3. Watching ads

    Yes, they only give you 1 per ad and are limited, but what I want to say here is sort of semi away from keyboard. For example, if you are watching a movie or playing a game you can click to load the ad and you will get free points with easy clicks. It is not as hard or tiring as you might think fairly easy and the rewards are acceptable. If you are watching ads with phone daily limit 100sg, with pc I am not sure so say 100 sg as well, so if you do both you can get 200 sg per day. And yes it would be pretty good if you could do it all the time, but after sometime of watching (maybe a week or so) you will need to do a task to be able to continue to watch them. I am not sure if the tasks stack up and let you watch like 3 days per task, but if you want you can play it safe and do task then watch ads until they run out, but you will not get those gems as fast so just tasks and with free time ads. 

    4. Article

    If you really want to you can make one and you might get a decent amount of gems. Do not try to just go to wiki and copy paste everything it will not work, speaking from experience. You can get lucky who knows
    The link: https://gamehag.com/news/create 


    5. Mobile task

    Personally I would not recommend this as all of the above method are way more reliable, yes they can get rejected, but mobile tasks are not really worth it often does not count! You can try your luck, but you might end up mad for wasting time.

    Thanks for reading hope this helped! This was based on my first experience, although I am still new.
    Good luck getting those soul gems and getting the game you want!


    (4.7/5) 2121 rates


    im new and ths helped me

    10 february 2022 05:45

    this was very helpful thanks mate

    10 february 2022 05:39

    @COLD_STEEL1 offers differ by region but if you have it you should see it here https://gamehag.com/games/lineage-2-classic (level doesn't matter)

    30 april 2021 03:26

    thanks for the information i think you have written the whole truth to us and thanks for the help it is really good that there are helpful people in this exciting world too! and thanks

    20 april 2021 11:48

    thanks! you have written the whole truth to us and thank you very much for the help really good that there are helpful people too!

    23 april 2021 07:55

    Really helpful, thank you, also at games you should play War Thunder, Gamehag pays for it a lot, but hardly ever if you can pass the quests, even if you have 5 win in a row, you will get rejected so many times.

    1 may 2021 10:35

    like you! you helped us with this article and I think it is very good especially that some of us can’t so edit skillful work for sure you worked on it a lot!

    23 april 2021 07:57

    To the mods: Please actually read my comment before removing it for no reason, thanks. It is actually insulting when I've actually read this article and commented on it in good faith to have it removed while the spam & generic "thanks" comments stay.

    Now that I've got that off my chest, thanks again OP for pointing out which game tasks are worth doing and the tips for them.

    For me the ads are the most reliable and low effort way to earn and I only do tasks so that I can keep earning from them. I probably would do more tasks if they were more reliable.

    24 march 2021 13:04

    thank you i joined today because my freind told me to try and now i can get SG fast ! 5 star from me !

    11 april 2021 13:43

    I will definitely try Lineage after Warface, currently waiting approval on that

    31 march 2021 12:49