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    xqdele, 5 december 2017 00:41

    General Tips for Being a Good Player of Team Fortress 2

    This is one of the most played games by PC gamers since the first CS, and in those flicks and comings over the years I realized that a lot of people still have not mastered the basics of Team Fortress 2, which makes a big difference over time and still prepares you to play well any other shooting game that can come around.

    So I made 10 essential tips for a Team Fortress 2 player, these are tips that do not speak of specific classes but which help to play better overall, soon I will do a tutorial with classes individually.


    The most basic advice of all for any multiplayer shooting game, and yet a lot of people let go. Take a few laps in the phases that you do not know, explore alternative paths and strategize on these paths, for those who play as an Engineer it is essential to know a place where opponents spend little time to get the exit of a teleportation, because a teleportation well positioned and with longevity can decide to start. The tip also goes for Snipers, finding the right place to position is the best strategy game.

    2. DO NOT DIE

    As stupid as this tip may seem, there are people who love suicide, there is no other explanation. Always do your best to stay alive, do not go alone at the base of the enemy right away, do not expose yourself unnecessarily, and if you're getting worse in a fight, RECUE and recover! It is very likely that your enemy will chase you and then there will be a chance of catching you at a disadvantage.


    The chief commandment of a physician besides healing is not to die! Let fighting classes expose themselves to risks and heal them while staying in a safe place. Always keep moving, this prevents a Sniper from hitting you or a Spy catching you unawares without revealing yourself, in addition to communicating with your team before using a Ubercharger, timing is essential.


    Continued from the previous tip but for warrior class players, the worst thing that can happen is a Heavy receiving heal and running off the middle of the battlefield without bothering to preserve the Doctor, remember: if the Doctor dies, you also dies Look back constantly and shoot everyone who approaches behind your back, do not stay in the open all the time because a well-given Sniper headshot kills any class.


    It is a difficult class to play but when you catch the morning is one of the best to face groups of enemies, especially on maps of payload and control points. This is an indirect attack class, stay in a position where you can defeat the enemy as it approaches you, staying in high places is a great strategy for Demoman.


    The support classes do not have this name just for hoax. Before you evolve your sentry to level 3, build a dispenser for your comrades to survive while attacking, build efficient teleports (not the one that leads nowhere), Snipers need to provide cover for anyone in the middle of the shooting and destroy the enemy sentry, the Spy needs to use the sapper the moment the team arrives at the enemy base and kill the opposing physicians.


    Start round with Ubercharger loaded: use it as soon as you spot the enemy or in an area you already know is tricky to pass, for payload maps attack and defense use as soon as the cart doors open. The blue team must kill the red team waiting at the exit and the Ubercharger can give the team opportunity to push the cart, since the red team must kill as many opponents as possible before they push the cart, Uber can prevent them advance.


    In no way the TF 2 just kill the enemy wins the game, push the trolley, defend the point, grab the enemy intelligence, do any of these things except stand still just killing it appears in front.


    The microphone and keyboard are not only used to swear at the noob that killed you in the shit, combine strategies, tell you when a teleport is active, whether it has sentry on the enemy base and where it is, when the team needs a specific class, etc. This kind of thing can make your team recover from a bad situation and when there is time to turn the game around.


    I'm not saying you should be the best with all of them, but know what each of them can do and what situations are most appropriate. It is essential that you specialize in a specific class, but changing class just to do a specific function and helping the team is always a good way, a Spy destroy a teleport, a doctor carry the Uber to destroy the enemy base or a Pyro to do spycheck on base. Play a little with all classes and know how to use them in the best way when the situation demands.

    Rate this article General Tips for Being a Good Player of Team Fortress 2

    (4/5) 6 rates


    hey i cant join

    21 november 2019 13:31

    ty it was very helpful

    15 may 2020 08:52

    i like this article i mean tips i just got really good i started playing with my friend

    13 september 2020 11:20

    and also always kill the medic before the person who the medic is healing.

    9 november 2019 10:33

    These are really good tips that everyone should know

    8 april 2020 12:39

    Really? How many hours do you have on the game?
    We know that only very good players can be consistent, so I wanna see! Whats your steam profile?

    4 february 2020 04:26

    Good O' Nostalgia of the golden days of Team Fortress 2. Now looking back, I'm feeling a bit old. But never the game old.

    3 june 2019 20:48

    TF2, oh boi, I've seen people with a play time of over 8k hours on steam....
    I don't get it... am I missing something?

    12 december 2017 12:33

    wow i'm arledy a good player

    9 january 2020 20:25

    I just want to become premium that's why im here :p

    15 october 2020 03:49