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    s1na, 21 june 2017 13:58

    Gamehag tips - How to earn many Soul Gems (NEW!)

    A simple but detailed guide on how to easily earn many Soul Gems with newer tips and methods!

    With this guide, I'll teach you some new things and give some tips on how to easily get many Soul Gems. With this guide, you'll definately get your wanted reward in a very short period of time! In fact, I got the 5$ Steam Wallet Code in less then a week, just by spending 30 minutes on Gamehag daily!

    Log in bonuses:
    For everyday you log in you'll get 5 Soul Gems. However, if you log in to site for 7 days straight, you'll get 20 bonus Soul Gems! This means, in one week you will get 55 Soul Gems (5x7 + 20)!

    Carrying out a contract (downloading apps):
    This is probably the easiest ways you can get coins. I got over 1000 Soul Gems just for downloading a few apps! You can download them sraight from the Gamehag mobile app or by copying a link that the Gamehag site will give you! All you need to do is download the app, run it for a couple of minutes and that's it, you'll receive your coins in a few minutes or hours.
    If you live in USA, UK, Germany or some other similiar countries, you'll have many apps to download, and you'll be able to get your reward in just a few hours - fantastic!

    Writting news (articles, guides...):
    If you like writting or you think you are good in it, then this is the right thing for you! You can mainly write about anything, as long as it's not offensive and subjective, however, I suggest writting about games, technolohy or Gamehag. I usually receive around 300 Soul Gems for every article that gets published, and I wrote around 8 articles (news). If your article is really good you can get up to 1000 Soul Gems! Don't copy other texts and please, watch your spelling and writting-style.

    Levelling up:
    When ever you level up, you'll receive a small amount of Soul Gems. For example, when I levelled up to Level 4, I got 30 coins. Although it's not a big amount, over the time those coins will accumulate, and that will help you a lot!
    To level up, you need XP, and you can get it by talking on the forums, publishing news or downloading apps!

    Mastering the mini games:
    Although mini games give a very low amount of Soul Gems, they can be usefull. For example, let's say you spend only 10 minutes a day playing a game called "Bubble Shotter", you will firstly get around only 3 Soul Gems, but as you master it, you'll be able to get up to 10 coins in 10 to 15 minutes which is really cool!

    Downloading and playing the actual games:
    This is a good but a really long method of how to earn Soul Gems. You will get a decent amount of Soul Gems but you'll spend lot of time working on your tasks. Maybe you'll like the game and it will be fun, and in this case you will have fun and earn some Soul Gems!

    Winning the daily rewards:
    If you use the methods I mentioned above, you'll get a lot of Soul Gems and you might be in the Top 3 players of that day. These players have earned a lot of coins! If you finish first you'll get 1000 Soul Gems, if you finish second you'll get 500 Soul Gems and if you finish third, you will get 300 Soul Gems.

    Closing notes:
    Thanks for reading my guide, I hope you liked it. By using all the methods and tips I mentioned, you're bound to get you reward in just a few days! Again, thanks, I hope you get many Soul Gems and all the rewards you want!

    Rate this article Gamehag tips - How to earn many Soul Gems (NEW!)

    (4.62/5) 157 rates


    this article is very helpful for me since the site seems a bit confusing in my opinion...

    17 october 2017 18:51

    Gracias por el consejo, todavía me cuesta subir de nivel pero gracias

    28 september 2021 22:45

    Thank u but still i find it difficult.

    26 august 2021 07:21

    Thanks, but i can't find "Bubble Shooter". Is it not available anymore?

    30 december 2018 20:05

    I know some of the tips.I was just a beginner here so i was so curious about how to get xp and i as using a computer so i can't play some games very well.so i was finding ways to get xp.One day i learned from commenting a article just like this.thanks you very much and also the people on the comment you guys are very helpful.I already know some and some don't.This article help me very much and also the comment just want to let you know that i'm looking for more imformation about how to get xp.

    7 march 2020 09:05

    An underrated tip if you don't want to log-in every day is to:
    Dowload their chrome extention and it will count as a log-in as soon as you open up chrome!

    4 december 2019 09:20

    Learned a lot from this article. Thanks.

    22 january 2019 21:33

    Thanks for the tips. I've had bad luck so far with tasks (Gamehag doesn't want to give me the gems despite clearly meeting the requirements). I also tried the minigames and got zero gems, lol. So I might try the app downloads next. If that doesn't work, I may look for other sites and just login here daily and let them accrue over time that way. It's the only way I've received gems so far!

    12 july 2018 08:59

    I take back what I said it seems hardly useful for those that are in asia.

    22 january 2019 21:54

    It is very hard to earn sg for some regions.

    17 april 2019 14:21