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    Skasix, 3 august 2017 22:47

    Gamehag : Fastest Ways To Get Soul Gems

    This article is on the best ways to get soul gems, depending on what you're after.

    The fastest way to get Soul Gems is without a doubt the ones at the top of the reward pool and they are the fastest without doubt but these ones are the ones that also require some kind of money but if you're willing to spend what'll be cheaper than your lunch, then it's a viable option.

    Third, the fastest non-paid ones are downloading mobile apps and quickly speeding through tasks that usually take less than 30 minutes on the contracts but do NOT waste your time on Wall of Monsters because it's a third party and how it works is that you're referred to third-party, you complete offers on third party, they get money from advertisers and share for a (let's say) 50% amount and gamehag shares that with us for (let's say) 25% which would mean we get less than 15% of the cash pot whereas otherwise we would get 25%. All the other Wall of ______ is fine.

    Fourth, the best way (in my opinion) is to play the computer games up to a certain point. I really like this way because though there aren't many games to choice from, they have a good amount of variety to them. I even found one of my favorite games (Warthunder) through this way. If you don't like the game, just play for around 45 minutes till you complete task depending on the game, or if you really like it, you can play till your heart stops. This method is my preferred method because it's not incredibly boring but it does take a good amount of time.

    Lastly, the side ways to get Soul Gems would be from alternative sources like Daily Login and posting in threads and making articles just like this one. If you like using gamehag, you'll eventually start getting gems through this way. Hope you guys learned enough from this article and now know what you want to do to get your Soul Gems for the sweet rewards

    Rate this article Gamehag : Fastest Ways To Get Soul Gems

    (4.61/5) 46 rates


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    3 february 2020 16:24

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    16 february 2020 02:58

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    11 october 2019 16:02

    Thank you so much my friend.

    29 january 2020 09:36

    V ery helpful.

    9 october 2019 04:02

    A very good article about the best ways to get soul gems indeed!!
    Thank you very much!!!

    2 december 2019 17:52

    Thanks for the help ;)

    28 august 2019 19:51

    Thanks for the helpi didn'tknow about this thanks very much

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