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    Rate this article "Fortnite on the Ps4"

    (4.36/5) 452 rates
    Angege, 28 july 2020 00:40

    Fortnite on the Ps4

    I remember when I had gotten my first Ps4 and downloaded Fortnite right away. I had been playing mobile almost all the time and I wont lie I wasn't half bad. One of the hardest things I had to do was switching controls and game play to a completely different platform. I can say its more complicated on Ps4 than on mobile where all you have to do is use a joystick and the jump button.

    Here I have broken down the basic functions and how to navigate around the different game play. I hope this helps I have also included tips if your interested! 

    Alright so lets start with the very moment you open Fortnite....

    Fortnite Link an account page

    When I first opened the application I made my very first mistake here.... You will see a page that reads link account or skip this
    If you already have an epic account DON'T SKIP THIS!!! If you do Fortnite will automatically use your PSN account which means you'll basically be starting from zero again.

    I'm sure there is a way to fix this mistake but lets not make it in the first place since the process of trying to get it back for your Ps4 is very tedious. WHEREAS if you are a new player to Fortnite go right ahead and skip! You'll be given your PSN account as your new Fortnite account :). 

    When you click Link an account Fortnite will generate a code for you and provide you with a link. Type the link into the browser and you will be taken to
    a page where you can enter in your special code. Don't waste time though your only given 10 minutes!GRl0BoOTUtFnkuGQGoMgYHP88QwkoS.PNG

    Basic Controls

    Alright! Now that were are past that page you'll probably get some sort of little cut scenes from Fortnite but if your not interested just press and hold O on your controller, this leads me to explain the basic controls of course!
    While in game here are the basic controls you will use....JtVruifmcJX2fFK9runy0mTmjRfGM4.PNG
    (You may also know the right and left analog sticks as the term Joystick)

    Right Analog stick - 
    This is to move your character you can move it in all directions

    R3 - 
    This is the R3 which is also located on the Right Analog Stick, Push down on the stick like a button this makes your character crouch. You'll want to use this function when your trying to sneak up on enemies or crawl through vents.

    Left Analog Stick -
     This is to pan your perspective.Use this to look around, you'll probably use this key concisely with the Right Analog Stick since you might want to look around while you move.

    X - 
    This is to jump

    Square -
     This is to pick up virtually anything you come across like weapons or to open chest and doors.

    Triangle - 
    This key switches to the pickax you will use when farming for materials to build. If you have a gun in hand you will need to press this key to switch to your pickax. When your done with your pickax pressTriangle again to switch back to the weapon you had previous in hand.

    O - This is like your backspace button on virtually anything you come across on Ps4 including Fortnite. Use this key to go back when you open the emotes tab or the building tab or when you open your backpack just press this key to go back or exit. You also use this to open up Build mode and to edit a piece you've built press and hold O.

    D Pad....

    - Down Key - Use this key to Emote!
    - Upper Key - Use this key to open up your backpack/inventory
    -Left key - Use this to ping enemies just quickly double press, and to ping items press only once.

    Touch Pad -
    Press the touch pad to open your map use the Right Analog Key to pan your marker around the map. Press X to ping the location you want to go, your teammates will also see this.

    R1 + L1 - Use these two keys to switch through your weapons or to switch through your material.

    L2 - This is to aim if you have a weapon
    R2 - This is to shoot if you have a weapon and to swing you ax.

    How to toggle your actions more in depth

    I think one of the things I still struggled with the most was building I felt overwhelmed by the number of buttons I had to memorize in order to build something sensible but if you really think about it, the keys are in specific places to make it easier while you build so ill try to break it down.

    L2 - This is to build a ramp

     - This is to build a wall

     - This is to build a prism

     - This is to build a floor

    When you open build mode here are the basic structures you'll probably build...

    The Box Fort
    To easily build a Box fort Press and Hold R2 then spin in a circle for the location you want it to be in (which in this case would be a square)
    After building all four walls turn your perspective upwards and press the R1 key to build a roof. The prism on top that is shown in the picture is not necessary but if you want to add the extra, press L1 first than press R1. This is quick and easy for when you want to heal yourself or your teammate securely.

    The Shooters Hideout

    To Build the Shooters Hideout use the same steps as building the Box Fort but when you are finished building all four walls press the L2 key to build your stairs. These are good to use when you are in combat with other players. I recommend building a wall higher on the other three sides surrounding your stairs since you are still a little exposed from behind.

    Building in Air
    When building stairways up to travel off ground you have to be very careful with this. It is very easy for someone to knock of the primary base ultimately leaving you to fall to your death. I suggest that you utilize the idea of building up a reasonable height using L2 to place down ramps, then using the R1 key to place down a base. After setting your base press L1 to build a pyramid on top of your base.Continue to alternate between R1 and L1 to build a more fortified journey in air.

    More useful things to know

    Since we are getting to the end I wanted to give you some more how to's and in game tips!


    Its very important to communicate with your teammates in order to work together till the end for that Battle Royale win.If you don't have or don't feel comfortable using a mic no worries there are lots of ways to communicate with your friends!

    When in the battle bus open the map and ping a location you want to go to. This will give them an idea of where the most agreeable place to land is. (refer to Basic Controls- Touch pad)

    If you see enemies ping them! This will alert them that someone is lurking around, do this for items you want to give your teammates as well! (refer to Basic Controls- D Pad)

    Other Functions 
    If you want to swap an item in your inventory with another press X on the item you want to swap then pressagain on the item you want to swap it with.
    If you want to drop an item just press Square, You can also drop ammo and materials.

    If you want to get rid of items like Med Kits, Shield, Upgrade stands just press and hold L2 to aim and release or press and hold L2 and press R2 to throw.

    Good luck!

    As soon as I got used to playing on the Ps4 I had so much fun even more than I did on mobile :). I hope you enjoy this basic summary of how to get by, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. For something more in depth go to the official Epic Games website,

    Fortnite Season 3 - Chapter 2 - Battle Pass - Dive In‎

    www.epicgames.com/‎   Good luck and have FUN.

    Rate this article Fortnite on the Ps4

    (4.36/5) 452 rates

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    is really good article

    6 september 2020 22:11

    i think you should have seperate accounts for psn and epic games cross platform between pc is judt not worth it

    28 july 2020 15:57

    great article bruh

    31 july 2020 16:20

    Good informative article, keep up the good work.

    28 july 2020 14:35

    fornite is very hard game but i like it

    28 july 2020 18:28

    nice good and helpful good job thanks

    28 july 2020 12:47

    Thank for writing this article, good work!
    but the 6th image is for Fortnite mobile, am I right?

    28 july 2020 18:21

    I don’t like it

    6 august 2020 11:27

    I hope you like your PS4! And, please take care your things, not to be angry and tryin to break.

    28 july 2020 02:22

    Its a good article but the point is mute, why would anybody play an FPS on anything other than mouse and keyboard. Still a good article.

    28 july 2020 15:48