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    (4.88/5) 8 rates
    L0RDC0RV0, 21 december 2017 22:10

    Fortnite for PC

    Fortnite is a compendium of everything new generations of players like. In the title of Epic Games is Minecraft, there are tower defense, there is the cooperative to four, there is the choice of a character depending on his class to form a team, zombies, shots, robots, lots of humor and semi-open environments to explore. What Fortnite proposes is that we reach an area, get materials, find a landmark, build a fortification around it, take out our weapons, and with them and the collection of traps that we have arranged, defend the area.

    We do that with three other friends as we complete missions, are rewarded with loot, get new heroes, gain experience, improve our team and move on. There's also a background. A purple storm has wiped out almost the entire population of our world and filled everything with abyssal creatures, the reasons for this event are revealed to us as we progress in the adventure.

    One might think that the different parts of Fornite are shallow, substituting quality for quantity, but that is not the case. Grindeo forces us to work hard and to chop in each corner of the stage to obtain materials, the construction of levels allows us to put traps, stairs, doors, walls and roofs of different materials, to raise them of level, to optimize and to reconstruct them while we play. Shooter sections introduce recharging times, missile deflection depending on the type of weapon, wear and tear and improvements. When we go up in level we have an immense collection of heroes whose level to go up and classified by their aptitudes in four classes... and even the kind of humour they deliver is right.


    If we analyze each individual part of the Epic Games title, separated from the rest, we find a video game that has done a successful study analyzing Minecraft, Left 4 Dead 2, Plants vs. Zombies, Overwatch and so many others, but that doesn't manage to be so lucky to unite each of its genres. To begin with, Fortnite demands a tremendously extensive guardianship covering each and every one of its characteristics. It is difficult for their menus to direct our actions towards the management of their options, especially when it comes to collecting new spoils. There are also drawbacks to entering each of their missions.

    Having a story the game wants to tell, each mission is approached as an advance from one point' a' to another' b'. As we walk, various facts are developed that develop it, small missions, rescue and collection tasks. This walk usually ends in this area to protect, and after achieving it, we return home. While these last two sections are more interesting, the truth is that all of the above is made repetitive. The gameplay plot does not make these transits bearable at all, the collection of materials needs more non-linear exploration to satisfy and locate the space to guard becomes heavy.


    Fornite has yet to decide if she wants to have a fast or contemplative pace of play, because it lets you investigate at your fingertips as much as it forces you to run to defend the point. It's not clear whether he wants to be a mindless shooter or a quiet management title, a problem that is accentuated in the sections of more action. When we arrive at the place to be protected, we are urged to prepare a fortification by taking advantage of the resources obtained, arming ourselves and preventing any creature from touching what we protect. When this process begins, the four players in the field become architects and construction workers at the same time, which condemns our defence edification to make mistakes, to suffer tensions among the team members and to make improvisation emerge.

    We have limited materials, so that this disorder can leave us without elements with which to reconstruct our fort in a correct way, we can also choose not to erect even a small pillar, so we will save, having more to build in the next mission. Occasionally, we'll know where enemies come from, which is wonderful for setting up corridors full of traps, but not always. To create a perfect space to end the rival hordes but discovering that they come from unexpected areas is frustrating, but of course, for something we have machine-guns and katanas.


    The shooter part of Fortnite comes to correct all the mistakes that the video game, because of its chaos, forces us to commit. We have a large inventory of weapons, special skills for each of our heroes, a large group of stats to attend to keep them from dying or getting tired and a comfortable control. Shooting at Fortnite is fun, but if we have to shoot too much it's because we've been bad architects. There's also the opposite, that you've been such a good builder that you don't even have to use a single bullet, which makes you sit around for five minutes watching monsters fall without you having to lift a finger.


    And this is Fortnite's big mistake, which hits as a shooting game, hits as a construction title but doesn't just make both facets fit well. It lacks difficulty, needs to better organize our role in each mission and therefore the classes of the heroes, should be more direct and their enemies more intelligent. It is true that when you invest in the game several dozen hours things get more interesting, but there will always be that inconvenience: that the shoulder that allows the arm and forearm of Fortnite to turn is not completely well oiled.

    Anyway, the video game never ceases to be fun, because it certainly is. Growing up in Fornite is satisfying and if you do it with three friends who know how to place traps and where walls, who have a clear idea of who builds and who shoots, who choose one of the four kinds of the game with their heads and who handle them well, Fortnite will entertain you throughout all their hours of play, which are so many.


    In conclusion, Fornite's base is remarkable, deep, and we know that it will grow over the months, but the tensions between its genres, the lack of intense challenges and the fall in the pace of play sometimes make us ask for more work from its launch this July 25th until it ends up becoming free to play. I encourage you to follow him closely because if he improves what we point out as errors in this analysis will get to be brilliant.


    Rate this article Fortnite for PC

    (4.88/5) 8 rates


    it is very fun and competitive

    19 february 2020 01:43

    i like to play with fortnite but recently I lost my acanthus with a lot of v-buck

    12 may 2020 11:35

    cool you're making me wanna play this game i've seen a lot of articles like this.

    15 march 2020 10:12

    Is good game with frends

    16 january 2020 18:19

    Now paladins battle royale... lets hope some of these battle royale games won't s*ck

    4 january 2018 18:19

    I like fortnite

    29 december 2019 09:28

    i am pro in fortnite i am seson 2 pleyer and got a lot of skins good article man good job

    23 february 2020 11:28

    are you kiddinge me? you compare fortnite to pubg? its like comparing a new born and a full grown adult pull yourself together

    25 march 2019 04:28

    best game i ever played and fun

    13 september 2020 12:32

    i like fortine on my phone is 2 fps but i still like it

    11 september 2020 15:43