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    shaneinpower, 7 june 2018 03:54

    Fortnite Battle Royale: How to Get an Easy Win in 3 Simple Steps

    You've heard all before, potential strategies on how to win Fortnite, or how to get easy kills, but how do you really play this game. I've played for hours and analyzed every single play. In all of these hours put into playing this game, I've discovered tips and tricks on how to rack up kills and eventually, those Victory Royales. There is no universal strategy into how to win this game so I am going to help you put together your custom strategy and help you get you those Victory Royales.  

    Before you learn the strategy: Learn how to get those kills

    Contrary to what people believe, always land at Tilted. Squad mates, friends, or even some YouTubers may say never go to Tilted because it's "infested". Now this is why you want to go here. Southwest of the Clock tower in Tilted there is a small hut that has a small chance of spawning a chest. If this is one of your first times playing Fortnite, land here to get a weapon, farm some mats and make your way into Tilted. By landing at this location you already have a slightly better height advantage and can easily spot all players that made their way into Tilted Towers.

    • Land on Tilted if you want to learn how to rack up kills
    • Always have the height advantage
    • Loot is not scarce!

    1. Choose that favorite spot!

    Now you know how to get kills so you can basically land anywhere you want. It would be best to go to a decently populated area so you can get kills and loot, but this isn't always the case. LTMs sometimes have a weird way of making you land so you need to know how to choose a spot. 50 v 50 and 20 v 20 have more than one bus and different territories.
    • When playing with team mates in these LTMs, go to the closest location that contains the most of your team mates. Do this because if another team pushes you, then the cavalry can arrive. You may or may not win but you will have that team mate advantage.
    • Land in those areas that have slightly less people. One recommendation is Loot Lake. Loot Lake doesn't have a ton load of people, but it has a decent amount of loot and you can work your way into Tilted after.
    2. 3 Slots

    If you are familiar with YouTubers like Ninja or Myth, you know that there are 3 Slots for weapons. The second to last is "Meds" and the last will always be mini-shields. Why mini-shields you may ask? It is because they have a 2 second consume time. NinjasHyper, a famous YouTuber, has a commonly known combo which is an AR with two pumps.
    • Ninja uses AR with 2 Pumps, Med Kit Slot and Mini-Shield Slot.
    • Balance it out sometime with 1 AR, 1 shotgun, and 1 item of your choice. You don't always need to emulate other players to get good at the game. If you want to, you may even leave the meds for whichever med your choosing.
    3. Turbo-Build

    Turbo-Build in Fortnite is a very helpful feature. For those of you who don't know what Turbo Build is, it automatically builds the next platform if you hold. Say for example you are building stairs, holding stairs by itself won't build the next stair but Turbo Build fixes that. An important feature in Fortnite is building. It is the main reason why it is popular. In Fortnite if you are being shot, you build. If you are falling from a high height, you build. Learn to build a base. A standard base that everyone builds when being shot at is a bow with no roof and on stair pointing in the direction you want to shoot in.

    • This base only costs 50 mats and to build up to what build usually build to is 150 mats. This base is usually build 3 walls high. Great for height and spotting enemies.
    • Another way people use this base is by getting that critical height advantage.

    Last Resort: Camping

    If you just want higher placing in matches, just camp. Only use this strategy if you are desperate, as camping ruins the vibe of the entire game. Camping is only supposed to be used in small amounts of time like 30 seconds to med up. Camping for a long amount of time works but the feeling is completely different.

    • Bush Camp: A type of camping that is extremely easy as a player just needs to walk into a bush and hide hoping no one would find them. Reliability: Not Too Good
    • House Camp: A type of camping where the character needs to get into the house or hut of any kind and crouch in the corner hoping no one would find them. Reliability: Works Well
    • Tree Camping: A type of camping in which the player finds a tree that they can perfectly blend in with and hide the rest of the round. Reliability: Reliable

    Follow these steps if you want to get better at the game. I have supported you with tips and tricks that you will use to get your Victory Royale. Now go rack up kills and Victory Royales.

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    Rate this article Fortnite Battle Royale: How to Get an Easy Win in 3 Simple Steps

    (4.33/5) 21 rates


    wait this way back before season 5

    22 august 2019 21:27

    aa!but now pro players edit to fast then last

    9 february 2021 18:07

    pues la verda soy una chica gemer y me gusta mucho el fortnite y no se como ganar la batalla pero como vi este articulo lo voy hacer saludo amigo

    28 august 2019 23:00

    thank!! Now I get a kill always. It didn’t work out well for me, but when I read it, something started to work out!!!!

    6 august 2019 18:38