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    (4.38/5) 342 rates
    Diamondping, 13 july 2021 03:26

    For Honor (My Review)

    I downloaded it for $4.4, it was summer sale and I wanted to play a new game, that's when I found For Honor, For Honor is a medieval multiplayer like game, it has lots of characters that have different weapons, looks, abilities, and etc.. You can even customize your character in multiplayer!.. But it seems you have to collect items for your character to customize it.. So I just found out that you have to do online battles to get items for your character.. And you need in game money to buy some of the characters.. You can get in game money by doing trials, story mode, multiplayer, and more!

    I'd give the game 10/10 in terms of Character designs, 8/10 on the story, I didn't really like how after all the missions I did to keep the peace (Spoilers) everyone still ended up fighting.. I mean I get that the world is filled with anger and pain, but I really didn't like how the story just ended like that.. 9/10 on the Multiplayer, I don't like how it takes 10+ minutes just to get a match with somebody sometimes, 10/10 for the animations, I REALLY like the executions and the emotes/taunts they have! 6/10 in terms of communication.. people don't really communicate with you in game unless they're toxic or really friendly. For the controls and mechanics I give it a 10/10 I love the parrying, blocking, and dodging! And I also really love how each characters have different blocking, attacking, poses, and more! The developers really put a lot of work into this game! And I really respect their hard work! 10/10 on the maps! They're really cool looking and It's pretty funny that we can ledge people off the ledges, I also like how the characters have their own backgrund and stories, and why they have their name and how they became who they are now!.. So that's my review on For Honor, In total it gets a 63/70 for me.. Why Don't you try it out for yourself? This is Diamondping signing off! I don't really have anything left to say other than thank you for reading this whole thing and why don't you give this a vote? Hehehe.. Also For Honor has it's own discord but it's not the Developers Of For Honor that made the discord server, It's just some independent people making the discord server for the community! And also thank you Gamehag, for letting me make this article and sharing my word to the Gamehag community and maybe the world! Thanks again for reading my Article and don't forget to give this a vote to help me out! I have nothing else to say... Other than I love this game and this community.. Also I might make a review on Apex Legends because that game is pretty cool too! But it doesn't really have that much maps.. Which is understandable since the maps they make is quite big, and I mean REAL big, since they make maps for battle royales, I can't even think of what the developers of Apex Legends are going through and how much blood, bones, and sweat they put in the game. Subscribe to my channel Diamondping to help me out! I will try to make other videos than Roblox.. I play small roblox games and I currently I have 161 subscribers.. So even just 1 of you subscribe it'll really help.. And my discord is almost done! I'll probably publish it at 1k subscribers! Thank you guys very much for all the support and stuff! This is Diamondping hopefully signing off!

    Rate this article For Honor (My Review)

    (4.38/5) 342 rates


    I'm quite interested and nice by the way and cool

    13 october 2021 08:46

    nice game,i just bought it last week

    14 november 2021 14:27

    yes we need more defently🤣

    29 november 2021 07:57

    How to play this game looks awesome..ngl

    9 november 2021 09:58

    I'd give the game 10/10 in terms of Character designs, 8/10 on the story, I didn't really like how after all the missions I did to keep the peace (Spoilers) everyone still ended up fighting

    14 october 2021 16:55

    This game used to have a wide player base but it is unbalanced right now

    8 november 2021 20:33

    I need to get back into this game. Have it on Xbox want to get it on steam but like over 100$ for the full game

    9 january 2022 04:03

    This is a beautiful and suitable and a really wonderful article

    8 december 2021 20:59

    I picked it up during their giveaway few years ago, will give it a try. 🙂

    23 october 2021 03:41

    I've never played this game, but this review kind of makes me want to try it out! I also checked out your channel, because i am a big fan of how well-written this post is. Expecting more in the future!

    18 august 2021 17:29