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    Rate this article "FIFA 12 [PC] - [Review]"

    (4.69/5) 13 rates
    noobda, 14 november 2017 11:15

    FIFA 12 [PC] - [Review]

    You may ask there's FIFA 18 right now why FIFA 12, but the answer lies below, read on to find out more about FIFA 12....

    FIFA is a sports game developed by Electronic Arts under their series FIFA, which has many many sequels, and now its releasing a latest FIFA game every year with lot of new features and cool looking graphics for sure. While there are more than 20 FIFA games developed by the EA Sports the FIFA 12 stands off due to some of its unique features and some advantages that it has compared to the other PES games (pro evolution soccer) and the rest of the FIFA games...

    By now you might have understood that FIFA is something related to Foot Ball, well the actual full form of FIFA is as follows....

    About the Game itself: FIFA


    means Federation of International Football Association, well the actual abbrevation is something else, which represents the same essence of the meaning it describes but any how, it actually means Federation Internationale de Football Association.... Not only in the real world but also in the game characters look as if they are real ones, and their real names were used for more in-dept gaming experience....

    The head quarters of 


    is located in Zurich, Switzerland and the president of the Federation of International Football Association is Gianni Infantino. There are 211 countries associated with FIFA to play the legendary game and this game is also has its own World Cup where there's a lot of Nostalgia for everyone...

    About the Game FIFA 12:

                                                 I consider FIFA 12 over the new ones to be the basic and beginner level FIFA game that looks like its newer version and feels like its the latest version from EA Sports. Well, I'll level with you guys here, its the 

    only game

    from FIFA looks this better and doesn't require any external or dedicated graphics card to be able to play the game.

    Yes, you read it properly, it doesn't require you to have a dedicated graphics card to play the game, I agree that its not mandatory but having a graphics card just increases the detail level and makes the game look more realistic than before or without the graphics card. Which graphics you may ask, it literally is playable on any on-board or almost all dedicated GPUs as of now...

    Here are some pictures of the game that are taken from on the graphics settings on high and stuff that requires more RAM and CPU usage, and I have to mention tha this game also runs on all the graphics settings turned down and set to lowest possible settings, and yes as a result the fps will increase drastically....

    Below are some key aspects of the game on PC:

    • Fully compatible with xbox gamepad with x-input
    • Full support for any gamepad with x-input drivers and software
    • High level Pro Leagues and Matches that are just skill based
    • Career Mode is a +
    • Multiplayer support and even 2-4 player support in a single match and "LAN"

    I wouldn't consider playing with keyboard+mouse as this requires use of a lot of man power, lol, anyway its personal choice.... I've seen some players play with keyboard and they were pretty good with it, so it all narrows down to the level and skill in the game...

    In case you're wondering how the gameplay looks like, 

    here are some pics of the gameplay itself.....

    One more thing this FIFA 12 game is some how developed by EA Canada and then released by EA worldwide being the 19th game in FIFA series.

    Do I have to mention that these FIFA games are released to all platforms on all consoles possible, well you'll know about that for sure....

    Above is a penality shoot out from the game itself, which stars the star of the Football including L Messi, which is actually pretty huge that all the players look like the real players in the game...

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article FIFA 12 [PC] - [Review]

    (4.69/5) 13 rates


    I think it was the last FIFA game I played on PS2

    6 january 2019 22:04

    good review

    15 november 2017 01:40

    I love when I could play it on PC. Its amazing for its year. I would rate this 9/10 for that year

    29 january 2020 15:27

    It s old game

    14 november 2017 21:33

    Good game

    14 november 2017 15:07

    What about FIFA '98
    ISS64, 98, 2 or 3?
    Italia '90 on the megadrive

    Wheres the thorough research
    ISS64 had smiley faces when a player felt good and purple frowns when they felt bad, sounds like plagiarism

    6 april 2019 12:25

    i prefer pes
    pecause that is soo easier than fifa

    1 april 2020 10:07

    i like fifa

    28 january 2020 17:07