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    (4.89/5) 9 rates
    Merisor, 7 june 2018 20:47


    Farmerama is a free browser game , was made by Bigpoint , the game is a farming simulator , the main goal of this game is to complete all quests and make your farm even bigger . You have acces to 7 areas:
    The Town-where you can find Farmers' Society (You can pick questes.) , Bank ( Can buy Barnyard bills with real money.) , Premium Villa (Grants you more benefits than a normal player.) , Post ( You can check mails from other farmers) , Market ( You can buy water , plants , fruits , animals , etc...) , Workshops ( Here you can build new and upgraded houses for animals) , Supplies ( You can buy consumables for Barnyard bills.)
    The Forest-here you can place only plants and trees.
    The Swamp- you can place only animals  , plants and xp/money objects.
    The hills- here you can only place xp/money objects.
    The factory zone - here you can make jam and jelly , bake stuff , and many more.
    Bahamarama ship- takes you to the bahamarama islands.
    The Mill- here you can spin the mill for a random reward.
    There are others areas you can acces but some of them are for bigger levels or just for some events.

    I played some time this game and when i stoped i was level 72 .    
    The game takes farming to a whole new level , this game is not 100% realistic and was made for peoples who need some time just to relax and plant a tree , or a forest. There are many types of trees like : Apple tree , Plum tree , Cherry tree , Peach tree , etc... but there are other types of tress which help the farmer to incrse his prodactions like : Cow Milk tree , Eggs tree , Sugar tree , Honey tree , Goat Milk tree , etc..
    The crops are planted on acres , there are 4 types of acres:
    The small acre (2 plants)
    The medium-sized acre (3 plants)
    The large-sized acre (5 plants)
    These meadows(15 plants)( only after level 60)
    After you plant a crop you can just wail until grows or you can use:
    Water=reduce the remaining  time for growing by 20%.(Can buy with CC)
    Manure= reduce  the remaining  time for growing by 5%. ( Get after you feed the animals.)                                                 
    Super-Grow=reduce the remaining  time for growing by 50%. 
    Suzy's Super-Grow= this only grants you 2 more crops and a little more xp , the time is the same.

    Now let's talk about animals , there are a lot of animals you can feed and receive goods like:
    Cows , Donkey , Bees , Rabbits, Pigs, Bats, Horses , Dogs, Chickens, etc.... after you fed them you receive  "the animal" and with that and some more food you can feed the actual things that gives you goods , like : Bat-Guano production ( 1 Bat food + 1 Bat = 1 Guano)  , Apiary ( 1 Bee food + 1 Bee= 1 honey) , etc ...
    In order to make food for you animals you need plants/fruits and you can start them at the mill which is close to the hose and the barn.
    Now let's talk about xp , you can make xp by planting / collecting plants,animals , trees, and you can make xp by having xp objects like i this photo , you can get those be participating in random events like christmas , new year , or just a weakly event.

    Bahamarama , is a tropical area which you can unlock at the big tree from the forest, this unlocks new types of animals/crops/tress and a funny upgrade system which uses bananas for unlocking new features which makes the game more fun to play . 
    The game has a lot of things you can do like play at carnaval , unlock new areas , play at the new events , make the most important thing from this world (jam) , try to achieve greatness with your rich farm.
    If you got until this moment you have my eternal gratitude and this jar of jam (Pretty useless but still who doesn't like jam?)

    Rate this article Farmerama

    (4.89/5) 9 rates



    4 february 2020 12:33

    fun game

    24 january 2020 11:30

    nice review of the game !

    13 august 2018 06:29

    Not bad. Not at all.

    8 june 2018 06:32

    nice article make more articles

    23 july 2018 14:19

    Nice article!

    8 june 2018 22:02

    give me the jam boy!!

    8 june 2018 18:55