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    (4.36/5) 11 rates
    mahont, 9 december 2018 18:44

    Extinction review

    What is the game here about?
    Extinction is an arcade fantasy action of the third person's perspective in which you defend the area from the upcoming monsters in the waves. Among them are the giants that chase body parts to prevent them from killing many cities. Levels ranging from five to ten minutes are mostly generated randomly, and all this will stand you incredibly "favorable" 60€.

    In Extinction you play in the role of Avila, the last "Sentinel" who alone has the power to confront the evil forces of Ravenius - a kind of orcs that mercilessly continue the invasion of the human kingdom. With this in mind, most of the time you will spend here saving rescuing citizens by opening portable escape portals on pre-defined coordinates. On the way to that end, you will run through the abandoned streets and trample stray goblins until you fill your own "rune power" so that the giants finally split the legs, arms, and heads.

    Have a nice wizard also "help" you behind the scenes while discouraging them for a millionth time, and at the same time will not experience the rich action at all how much you will just mention it. This story is always constantly rotating in the circle, so it is best to forget that it even exists.

    The story is constantly rotating in the circle, so it is best to forget that it even exists.

    And that's actually it. Seriously. You do not even have to read it, because you are playing Extinction as if you read this text again 30 times, and everything that follows will just go downhill anyway. The first half an hour is somewhat convenient, and then you realize that you will repeat these 10 or 20 hours, if not more. It's perhaps the worst part that is, in most cases, there is only one enemy model that comes in a small, big, green or red shape. Later, there are some with wings, but they are of little importance, because there are only so much that they're wasting time instead of offering you some fun challenge.

    Extinction's main trick, therefore, may be something completely different - its procedural way of creating levels and terrain. I said maybe because it's not even that. As, of course, this is only one possible type of location, not only is it always the same, it is also always equally irrelevant.

    All levels are of fair size, but while large and open levels are usually welcome, here are also part of the problem. That's because Extinction is always based on some time constraint. You lose the mind when the whole city is destroyed, or if the monsters are sleepy quickly and so you just lose the time you need to respawn.

    That is the basic part of the gameplay in which the goal was to balance "when" and "where" to be at a given moment, and if we combine it with the concept of procedural levels, we can see what it was like to achieve. However, this does not change the fact that Extinction is pretty anemic, which is why it is quickly bored, because wherever you go, you will do the same thing in the same place - open civilian portals and cut off stinking legs in a deserted town among the canyons. Some missions may therefore take you two minutes, while you will repeat it twenty times, until you are lucky that your system of randomness does not happen at will.

    But, I just need to touch the most important-climbing giants. If you are not planning to pentate solely on their backs, you can immediately forget about it. Climbing is an absolutely sticky thing that at key moments often "shoots" because of uneven geometry, and you can receive anyway for specific surfaces anyway. At the same time, Avil automatically starts climbing, and straight ahead without any possible corrections.

    If you have started to gamble on your chest, expect it to climb under the beard, and similarly applies to all other imaginative paths that fall into your mind. Otherwise, Avil runs like it is on skates but, like a dog that wants to pee, starts for each tree. In the air, he refuses as a ball in a pistol, because someone had a great idea that every tree served as a springboard.

    It's hard to actually get anything in these situations, especially when you're trying to break the helmet at high heights while he's still in motion because he has sturdy feet. All this is even more irritating when considering that you are constantly in a hurry, that while you fall to the ground for the fifth time some other ghosts destroy the city in the very same half of the world.

    Climbing is an absolutely sticky thing that at key moments often "shoots" because of uneven geometry.

    Each subsequent mission is a reprise of the one last, and the only difference that Extinction offers is a combination of armor in which giants can appear. One of the weakest - wooden ones, you will be wiped with one swing while for metal ones it will take even two strokes. The gold armor will therefore be locked with a few locks that first need to be located, and much deeper into the game, there will be a few more that will make a strong repetition more even further.

    But, without worry, this is something that only those most persistent will experience. Pushing further is even less interesting because there are no new weapons or abilities you could unlock. All progress here is based on the concept that, for example, you jump 10% more, you have 10% more health or similar passivity that does not change the initial routine.

    If you are one of those who think that you can enjoy the observation of the ghosts that destroy the city, guess what? This is not an impressive sight here either, because as soon as they touch the buildings they turn into dust. Forget about physics, for some bricks that would ruin because Extinction does not.

    In fact, when I think about it a little, it's hard to extract something worthwhile in Extinction. None of this is actually anything revolutionary as it's a cheap copy of the popular Attack on Titan, but what Extinction is so is pretty shallow. And it's expensive. Very expensive. And there is a "season pass" of an additional 10 €.

    Now, that this monster is offered for the sixth of its required amount, he would still see through some of these little things, but how things are, these are the irritating little things that he has. And just as Igor mentioned in the commentary above, Extinction is really seen as a mobile game offered to us at a disastrously high price. Anyway, because even if I could play it while waiting for the dentist to call me on the line, I think I'd rather just give up anesthesia and let the toothache.

    Rate this article Extinction review

    (4.36/5) 11 rates


    Good enough

    10 december 2018 08:58

    good effort, approved for you

    10 december 2018 16:16

    i dont like the game, it isnt like i thought ... i give it an 1 star m8, sorry my sussian good great exelent friend

    12 december 2018 15:20

    nicely writen

    9 december 2018 18:59

    Not that bad

    12 december 2018 18:13

    Need to improving

    12 december 2018 13:41

    Good job keep improving
    All points are checked

    9 december 2018 23:34