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    (4.46/5) 13 rates
    Dzsabesz, 26 june 2017 22:04

    E3 2017: EA Play summary

    They had a massive montage of video that had all the games they wanted to announce, and of course they were talking about them for a long time. I will try to summarize this article with you.
    Then let's see:

    Battlefield 1:

    Battlefield 1 comes with a new DLC coming in September, we're gonna get to the Russian snowy area with this add-on. There will also be an opportunity for night fighting, we look forward to what it will be like.

    Need For Speed: Payback:

    Which many people expected. You have a choice, you can choose from three characters who have different personality and can customize the character you choose. The pre-leaked "will be like in the Lethal Iram", the gameplay video seems real, the question of the end result itself is really good.

    Way Out:

    It will appear in 2018, a prison escape will be the story of the fund. It will be a co-op game, lots to explore with adventure, adventure, and of course cars. From this we got a trailer or a gameplay video, which will not make it bad.

    Star Wars: Battlefront 2:

    The biggest surprise is that the first DLC will be free in principle and all the extra content !! The game itself is completely transformed from the first part, there are more heroes / characters, there are more venues that players can enjoy. Some new characters will appear in the new section:
    On the good side: Rey, Fin, Chewbacca and Yoda
    On the dark side: Darth Maul, Kylo Ren


    Anthem is the new title of Bioware, and more information or gameplay videos will be released at the Microsoft conference.

    Madden 18: Long Shot:

    Is another American football game for sports enthusiasts. Your decision determines your destiny, this will be the basic motto of the new part. Better graphics, improved motion control, gives you a much more enjoyable game.

    Fifa 18:

    We get a new "season update", which has been upgraded to the players. But good. Alex Hunter is back, we're back with him in story mode.

    Rate this article E3 2017: EA Play summary

    (4.46/5) 13 rates


    adventure, adventure, and of course cars. From this we got a trailer or a gameplay video, which will not make it bad.

    25 april 2021 16:55

    This is a nice article and my fav game is NFS Payback

    21 june 2020 16:17

    Nice article , i like anthem game.

    8 may 2021 11:41

    Pretty old article but it still got my attention

    7 march 2021 14:54

    this game is the best drag racer from EA cars

    13 march 2019 07:58

    very awesome aricle and ea is a good game company for racing games

    10 january 2021 16:19

    ea is the worst gaming company

    10 august 2019 23:08

    this is the best game making company

    17 may 2019 16:41

    look forward to what it will be lik

    30 january 2020 16:22

    player will waste his time to see the trailers but good job yeswaste his time to see the

    2 april 2021 08:58