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    (4.5/5) 8 rates
    anik_rm, 22 january 2018 22:21

    Dragon Ball Z Online

    Dragon ball z is a anime bassed MMORPG game with 2D great and detailed sceneries. You can choose your own characted to play with and fight against well known anime characters. Not just fights you can take part in a great variety of tests, complete dungeons and of course PvP battles.
    This game have great soundtrack which you can feel during fight and exploring. find your favorite characters in this awesome dragon ball z game.

    OH! I remember my childhood sitting in front of T.V watching dragon ball z and imagine those powers inside me. Who does not love dragon ball z and Dragon ball Z online can make you feel the same thing again. You are going to see your favorite characters play with them. Dragon ball z online is a MMORPG game that i like most. Its like other mmorpg game but the name dragon ball z make this game even more intresting and lovable. you are going to play with your favorite and lovable characters and make them you team to help you during battles, this is the best part. dragon ball z is a anime series created by created by Akira Toriyama and this is the first time we are playing dragon ball z as a MMORPG. This game have many thing to do without just fighting.
    This is a MMORPG game so you have to create or select your character which is cool becouse everyone have their own favorite charater to choose.  After choose your character you can named it, it can be your name of which name you want it to give. After you enter the game you are going to see your favorite characters or known charaters and you can explore and join some fights to do. This game have a huge map so you are going to fight againts powerful and known enemies by time. But this game is not about just fighting. There are many tests you can take part of there is dungeons ou can complete and my favorite one PvP battles which is cool and same time you can know how good you are at this game. 
    This is a 2D game which make me sad first but after playing some time i enjoyed this game so much. this game is well detailed and when you join a fight this 2D graphic make this game more beautiful. This game is a free to play game and I think as a free game this game give use more then it need to. I love how they make this game well detailed and with a good and charming 2d graphic. So thanks to Shueisha, Bandai Namco Holdings. they are the devoloper of this game and of course thanks to  Bandai Namco Entertainment, Shanda, Cayenne Entertainment Technology Co, Ltd., Bandai Namco Holdings for publish this game. 
    Now about soundtrack, This game have original Japanese soundrack which resounds through the integrality during gameplay and creates tension during the matches. Which i love most those sounds make the whole game more beautiful and real. when ou are walking around you are going to hear some cool musics and when you jon a battle music go deep and this is cool. 
    I personally love this game way more then i need to. more you play more you get into this game. And if you are a dragon ball z fan then you are going to love this game even more. challanging players like challanging yourself to know how good you are at this game. and I love to play PvP. Not just PvP i even love the way you can team up with your favorite character. This might not the best but a great game to give your time. So check this game out.

    Rate this article Dragon Ball Z Online

    (4.5/5) 8 rates

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    Dragon Ball Z Online

    "Dragon Ball Z Online" is a game based on the famous anime created by Akira Toriyama and a new approach to this universe as a free browser MMORPG.This time, we do not have to deal with a typical fighting game but a MMORPG in which the players have to create their own character, recruit their team and fight against charac...


    Idk why thai has no comments but its cool

    22 march 2020 02:25

    my friend, who is a dragon ball fanatic, recomended this to me, GREAT, AMAZING, AWESOME! ???? 👅???? 👍👍👍 ♥︎♥︎♥︎☻☻☻☺︎☺︎☺︎

    10 may 2021 21:48

    I reported some spam and someone typing random messages then my xp

    17 december 2020 10:12