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    (4.63/5) 19 rates
    KayZeeSlayerCsgo, 4 january 2019 21:27

    Dota 2 FrostHeaven Update :

    Hello guys today i am going to tell you about a very big update about a game called Defense of the ancient 2 (Dota 2).This game is free to play and this is a battle arena game.You can get this for free on steam.The big update for this game was The Frost Heaven update due to Christmas.Which in my opinion this is a very awesome update because this makes the game more fun and the game changes a lot with this awesome update.

    The update was a few days ago and i like how valve always bring new updates to the game and different type of game mode to Dota 2 (defense of the Ancients 2) is very cool.Few months ago it also release a temporary game mode which was a battle royal game mode which was also a very sick and fun game mode and i like how different was this from other battle royal game modes. I hope valve keep updating fun and new stuff to his game like this.

    Dota 2 (Defense of the ancient 2) :

    Dota 2 (Defense of the ancient 2) is a free to play online battle arena game which is originally made by valve in 2013.This is a fantasy game which has a total of 117 heroes to choose from and every hero has it's unique and different powers.This game have two team which fight and defend their base and try to make their heroes strong and destroy towers and to win the game they have to destroy the enemy Ancient.This is a team based game and in my opinion this is a very tactical and an interesting game which every body should try.

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    Frost Heaven Game Mode :

    This game mode is very fun.I would really recommend you if you love battle arena games and cooperative games where you try to defend your self or your base with your team mates or your friends.In this game mode you have to choose a hero and buy some items for the hero so you can survive the first few rounds or waves.Their are a total of 4 lanes from which the enemies come and try to attack your base.You have to protect all the lanes and the towers in the lane.If you kill all the enemies the round will end and you will prepare for the next round.You get runes in some certain spots which help you to survive or give more damage to the enemies.When the lanes are lost because the enemies gets stronger overtime so you get to your base and defend from their with even more towers but be careful you also have to defend your ancient.if your ancient is destroyed or every team mate gets killed so you lose the game.

    By surviving more rounds and by getting many kills we get more points which are added up in our levels in Frost Heaven. We get a Daily bonus of 1000 points and by playing we also get points and if we level up in Frost Heaven we get some prizes for example some skins or Christmas items.You also get bonus items if you are a Dota 2 (Defense of the Ancient 2) subscriber.

    Frostivus 2018 Treasure 1 :

    This is the Christmas treasure which is filled with some cool hero skins.The skins are very rare and if you are not able to get them right now you will never be able to get them later.The skins are 13 in total and there is a bonus from 3 more skins and you get 1 more from them this means that you get a total of 2 skins from a treasure but this only happens if your lucky enough to get a bonus skins from the treasure.When you open the treasure there is a sick animation where every hero skin spin around in circle and slowly slowly every skins fades away and the last skin that remains there will be your's.If you are lucky enough you will get a bonus and from the 3 bonus you will again see a animation and the last skin left will be your's.The treasure is for $2.49 dollars which is really cheap for such good skins.

    Frost Heaven Arcana :

    This is the best thing about the update.This brings us a New Arcana Skin (A skin Type) which is for a hero name Rubick. This is a very new skin and and very unique skin.The glowing Cape floating is very sick looking and his wand is very beautiful looking.The green Cubes and the liquid coming out of the wand is very smartly designed.The skin changes the whole animation of the hero.The powers get new effects and animations as well.It's price is a little out of hands as it is a Arcana. The price is $34.

    This is it guys i hope you enjoyed and learnt something new from my article and i hope that this article made you like this game. 

    Rate this article Dota 2 FrostHeaven Update :

    (4.63/5) 19 rates


    after blizard killed hots, one less competitor

    6 june 2020 19:49

    Ok for a beginner!

    4 january 2019 22:38

    Dota 2 is better than lol. Lol child game

    5 january 2019 21:42

    Good for beginners.

    5 january 2019 13:41

    Wow its good idea bro

    6 january 2019 00:14

    Although League of Legends is my #1 MOBA game, it's worth giving a shot at Dota 2 as well.

    5 january 2019 21:28

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    5 january 2019 19:02

    I miss old lunar moon dota

    8 january 2019 14:33

    ye that was nice i get a lot of skins on that event :)

    25 september 2019 21:19

    I play this game AND i love YOUR ARTICLE DUDE! :D

    20 january 2019 14:23