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    Vadeus, 14 december 2017 14:48

    Dota 2 - Guide to Anti-Mage

    Anti-Mage new meta? Well, have I got the guide for you!

    Now Anti-mage before all the Talent tree commotion is a great hero, having resistance to Magic based abilities, an escape, an AOE Ultimate, and a Diffusal blade as his 1st skill.

    But now, he just got better!

    The recent 7.07 update got him a new Talent tree, an Uncontrollable illusion for his level 20 talent tree.
    Now, of course, people exploited this amazing talent tree and made the best use of it.

    Now let's talk about how to level up your abilities 1st.

    1. Your 1st level should be put on your Blink, it provides an escape if you ever get close to dying when a rune clash begins, or if the lane is hard.
    2. Your next levels should be put on your Mana Break, this thing can harass heroes who rely much on mana and abilities, and it's your main source for "right-clicks"
    3. Next Levels should be put on either your Blink- if you get harassed and need that extra cooldown for escapes- or Spell Shield- if you face against magic damage heroes.
    4. Always max out your 1st ability when you are sure you can kill the enemies on your lane.
    5. Max out 2nd if you always seem close to death
    6. Max out 3rd if those pesky magic damage dealers are always targeting you.
    Okay now onto item builds

    Let's just skip the starting items since they are so obvious.

    Early Game: 

    1. Ring of Health - Anti-Mage has a low health pool, with low HP regen, buying this will increase survivability, and you can also build this into Battlefury later on.
    2. Quelling Blade - Poor man's shield is gone, this will be the replacement, getting those last hits are important.
    3. Power Treads - (Agil) More Agility = More attack speed, and more damage. What does that mean? MORE LAST HITS. You're a late game carry, money is what you want right now.
    4. BattleFury - With your attack speed and increased damage with Mana Break, you would be sweeping those lanes and jungle camps with ease.
    5. Manta Style - Now this! This item is key to winning with Antimage- combined with your Uncontrollable illusion, you pack a punch with 3 illusions at once, dealing a crap ton of damage in a short amount of time, and leaving them with no mana.
    6.  Abyssal Blade - Attack speed? Bash chance? Well having this will increase survivability and with that bash and attack speed, you would be immobilizing enemies as such they can hardly move.
    7. Aghanim's Scepter - Why this? Because this thing is awesome, Linken's Sphere and Lotus Orb in one. Good against those stuns and finisher abilities
    8. Black King Bar - Too many stuns for Aghanim's to handle? Well, this thing avoids all that crap and doesn't let anything touch you.
    9. Moon Shard - I don't need to explain this.
    10. Divine Rapier - 'CAUSE WHY NOT?

    Now how to do lane as Anti-mage? Simple, go to safelane and take all kills and last hits, jk don't be like that.

    Just go to safelane and let your Support babysit you, you're not capable of killing anyone yet, no stun or slow.

    Well, that's about it for this article, hope you learned something, and as always, SEE YA ON THE NEXT ARTICLE!

    Rate this article Dota 2 - Guide to Anti-Mage

    (5/5) 1 rating


    ok good

    16 february 2020 16:28