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    acarinoo, 23 august 2019 18:09

    Crypt of the Necrodancer


    Crypt of the Necrodancer tells the story of a girl named Cadence, the daughter of Melody and Dorian. Cadence's mother died when she was young and her father was addicted in finding the Golden Lute. That lute could bring people back from the dead.
    Dorian wanted that Lute so badly, in order to bring Melody back to life and have a normal life again, but he failed, and the Necrodancer took control of his life.
    While he was gone, Cadence's grandmother, Aria, took care of her. After a while, she decides to leave Cadence behind with Uncle Eli, and go after her father, but in the end, she will fail as well.
    When Cadence grows up, she finds her father's plans, and she decides to go to the dungeon.
    In the dungeon, she finds monsters, dragons and other mythical creatures, that move to the beat of the crypt. After a while, she finds Dorian, but he was being controlled by the Necrodancer, so there was no other way but to fight him.
    After she defeated him, he came back to his senses. And then the final battle begins, Cadence and Dorian fight The Necrodancer. They managed to defeat him and take the Golden Lute as well.
    They left the crypt and went to Melody's grave. Brought back to life, Melody wanted to know what happened to her mother, so she took the Golden Lute and went back in the crypt, to find and revive her mother. Once revived, Aria proceeds to destroy the Lute. After the Lute is destroyed, the curse banishes. Cadence, now together with her family, can live in peace.

    Gameplay, Movement and Bosses:

    Playing as Cadence, your objective is to pass the zones while the enemies try to kill you. In each zone, you can find items that can help you either defeat enemies more easier or become more resistant to damage. There are five zones in total, although the last one is the DLC, and each bring along new enemies and a new environment.
    The movement in the game is based on the rhythm of the song, one exception can be made on Bard, where he can move without the rhythm. While maintaining the rhythm, if you kill enemies you will gain a multiplier boost, that either doubles or triples the amount of gold you gain, but it will be lost if you miss a beat or get hit. Gold is used to buy items from the Shopkeeper.
    In order to advance to the next area, you need to kill the mini-bosses in that area.


    The Enemies:

    There are various and new types of enemies in each zone. The easiest zone is Zone 1, where there are Skeletons, bats, Green Slimes, Blue Slimes, Orange Slimes etc. Each enemy has their own movement pattern, for example the Skeleton can move every direction after two beats, or the Blue slime can move only up and down every two beats.
    Some minibosses or bosses can move on every beat and in every direction, except the Deep Blues boss. There are seven bosses in total (except the DLC ones), and each one of them has their own movement pattern. There are three DLC bosses, that bring a new story and a new type of gameplay.
    At the end of each zone, there will be a boss fight, and if you manage to get a flawless victory on him, a reward will be waiting for you at the exit.
    Once all zones are passes, there will be one last boss, which is The Necrodancer or The Conductor(DLC).


    The Characters and Weapons:

    There are three characters that are based from the Story Mode, while the rest of the characters are available after the Story Mode is completed. The DLC includes four new characters, in which one of them is part of the Story Mode. There is also one character that appears only in the Nintendo Switch, named Reaper, although it is a non story character.
    Each character has their own advantages and disadvantages, for example Aria has only half a heart and if she misses a beat she takes damage, so it's vital to keep up with the rhythm when playing as her. 
    There are a total of eighteen weapons in the game, and each of them deal various amounts of damage to the enemy. There are also types of materials that affect the weapons, for example, golden weapons deal the same amount of damage, but once a pile of gold is picked up, the next beat will amplify the damage.



    The game is really nice for a 8-bit game, it has an awesome soundtrack and also an incredible story attached to it. I played it a lot of times when I didn't have internet, and it's really fun.There are also a ton of mods that you can download from the community workshop, and those can even change the gameplay.You could also make your own level, which is really awesome in my opinion. It's a really nice game, and you should give it a try!

    Thank you for reading, and have a great day!

    Rate this article Crypt of the Necrodancer

    (4.57/5) 86 rates


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