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    (4.57/5) 356 rates
    CryWait, 9 march 2021 11:29


    With the launch of CS: GO in 2012 and the subsequent revival of Counter Strike as an eSport, the game has grown in people's eyes like never before, and as a result, a lot of fresh blood has been included in this trend. You too are fighting and wondering how to progress to get a place in one of the popular newly added players. We have compiled tricks to help you improve in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

    1. Work, study harder and work harder

    As we mentioned above, Counter Strike is definitely not an easy game. You won't be a good player overnight or a week. The only way to get better at the game is to play more. The more you practice, the more you improve. The ingredients on the rest of our list can only help you get better and faster. Apart from that, we can guarantee that you won't be better at the game without wasting time. You can see countless players who spend more than 500 hours in the game and still barely reach intermediate levels.

    2. Always play with the settings that's right for you

    Such as Sensitivity, Sound, Crosshair settings ...

    3. Watch the Professionals

    Professional players constantly participate in tournaments and tournaments are transferred to us on some platforms, we can learn most bomb tactics.

    4. Focus on the important weapons

    As you start playing high-level matches, you will see the same weapon used over and over again. Used on both sides such as M4A4, AWP and AK-47. You must learn the main weapons well. You'd better learn about other common cheap weapons, but that's not your priority.

    5. Reduce mouse sensitivity

    Professional uses 400 dpi, in-game 2.0 sensitivity settings for maximum precision. You don't have to copy this exactly, but lowering the mouse reputation will have a very positive effect on your target. At first, you'll have to move your mouse as much as I do, but don't panic: you'll be one of the winners in the long run.

    6. Learn the highlights of the map

    Every time you play the map there are dots with commonly used names. First of all, think of Counter Strike as a team game. You need to learn the main patterns and the map well in order to act in coordination with your teammate.

    7. Use smoke and flash

    Many Counter Strike maps contain ideal points for the use of smoke, grenades, and flash. You have to learn how to drop these bombs. Watching videos on YouTube by the subject. You can practice throwing bombs in offline games.

    8. Learn to be patient

    9. Don't be so angry, always think well!

    10. Play Aim maps

    Although it's an old-fashioned way of working, there are plenty of maps that are ideal for improving your rifle aim. These maps are specially designed to ensure that you aim perfectly. In most cases you need to get headshot at bots. Considering how powerful Headshot is for winning games in Counter Strike, you can predict how much these maps will help you level up in your game.


    Thanks for taking your time for me, I hope you found it useful.


    (4.57/5) 356 rates


    i lovee it so much

    20 april 2021 09:55

    some good tips thanks

    19 april 2021 14:38

    this game i like but the problem is this game have lots of cheaters nowadays because some hackers are also there so if we actually can contact the developer of this game i can tell him to remove hackers 😟😟

    17 april 2021 07:09


    20 april 2021 04:30

    я кс тащу а вы нет

    18 april 2021 07:31

    cs:go it's my favourite game

    18 april 2021 22:25

    yes true

    17 april 2021 10:39

    This game makes my free time better but it has some downsides

    17 april 2021 15:40

    This game is full of cheaters that waste their time to get to level 21 and just ragehack on prime then get vac banned and repeat. nolifers

    14 april 2021 15:26

    before i read this article i played on 1600Dpi and 2,61

    20 april 2021 10:59