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    (4.57/5) 23 rates
    berroni, 15 may 2018 16:17

    Conan Exiles - PC Review

    Conan Exiles is an open-world survival game developed by Funcom. The game is released on May 8, 2018, and it has already won the hearts of players worldwide.

    The story of this game, as you could guess, is set in lands of Conan the Barbarian. It's a well-made survival game with a seamless world to give you challenge, good crafting system to build a home and kingdom and the good game to spend hours dominating enemies in both - single and multiplayer mode. Conan Exiles has some flaws, but the mechanics and its presentation definitely makes up for them. When I say it has already won the hearts of players worldwide, I mean that If you like surviving and crafting game style, don't miss this one. There is also a PS4 version of the game, and believe me, it feels very fresh and different from your usual PS4 games. This is not a PS4 review, so enough, let's talk about Conan Exiles PC features.

    I am personally not a fan of survival games, but RPGs are my favourite. Conan Exiles is a challenging game and if we add the fact that crafting in this game is also very hard because of the lack of tutorial for it, the game itself is a bit tricky to get into. I have to say that Conan Exiles surely is game that feels definitely unique compared with other survival-crafting games even though it's all about farming resources and then combining them to create new items. 

    I will start with the good features this game offers to players and later we will talk about negative stuff and believe me, Conan Exiles have had its ups and downs: 

    • Conan Exiles is the unique game that offers a variety of options.

    • Game modes.
    You start the game by choosing your mode, and Conan Exiles surely have the bunch of them. It offers for you - PvP, PvE, offline single player and Co-Op mode, you will surely be interested in something!

    • Combat
    There is no much to talk about combat in this game. It's a classic RPG style, mostly spam the attack-button on creatures while running around, or shooting the more powerful creatures from distance. Combat reminds me a lot of Skyrim with simple light and heavy attacks.

    • I love the challenge of this game.
    As I have said before, this game is very challenging which definitely is a good feature for this game style.

    • It is not ultra hard to find simple food like bugs so you don't have to be scared of starving to death.

    • You can choose how will you play the game, and you can play it like the Minecraft - create yourself some shelter you will use as a base, then gather items and hurry up back so you don't die.

    • The map is huge and beautiful - with caverns, secret caves and random encounters. 

    • Character creation 
    At the beginning of the game, you will have to make your character. You will be able to select your sex, race, religion and customize your characters with the help of sliders. 

    • Nudity
    Since the game is based on the Age of Conan, nudity is a part of the game which couldn't be avoided. Nudity even affects your character creation which will show your human naked or naked female character. I personally don't understand why would someone be offended with naked character, but you have an option to enable or partially disable nudity.

    • Religion
    Religion is, without doubt, a new and fresh aspect to the genre. Every religion is different regarding items you can get but the mechanics are the same. 

    • Slaves

    One more unique thing about Conan Exiles is capturing Human NPC's in order to break their will and make them work for you! 

    • Graphic details are gorgeous

    Graphic details are very great-made, and when sandstorms appear they look very realistic and they are beautiful! 

    It's time to talk about negative stuff in this game so we can go to conclusion.

    • Levelling up
     There is no need to talk about levelling up too, levelling is same as today's RPG games, it's too easy. 

    • Lack of some tutorials

    • The game itself has some bugs, but as it looks like it's unavoidable today.

    • Crafting requires too much work

    • Too much of resources to collect

    Conan Exile is a unique game with a bunch of new ideas to offer for world and survival genre. It has some glitches and it may be ultra hard for play, but a lot of people enjoy playing games that offers the challenge, I guess challenge makes game interesting. I recommend this game!

    Rate this article Conan Exiles - PC Review

    (4.57/5) 23 rates


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    18 may 2018 22:09

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    8 june 2018 07:15

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    17 june 2018 18:20

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    3 june 2018 17:34

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    15 march 2019 19:50

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    12 june 2018 10:10

    This is one of my most favourite games. I adore its ironic mood, the variety of landscapes and actual mix of genres! Although there are lots of bugs and flaws even today, the users' mods can improve the game just fine.

    I hope the official game version will be implemented and updated in correspondence with the player's needs, too. Thank you for this article!

    29 july 2020 22:06