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    (4.62/5) 97 rates
    davidscara, 18 july 2019 19:52

    Call of Juarez: Gunslinger Review

       Call of Juarez: Gunslinger was released in May 2013 by Ubisoft and Techland. The story takes place in the Wild West, you play as a very skilled bounty hunter. The game is very unique and all the game represents his stories, how he met the most iconic persons in the Wild West and how he killed others. I'm going to talk about the story and the gameplay and in the end, I'm going to give my opinion.

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      The story starts with Silas Greaves, he enters a pub and Dwight buys Silas a beer and he asks Silas about his stories. Silas starts his first story, he went for Billy the Kid and found lots of guys trying to kill him, he takes care of most of them but is knocked unconscious by Pat Garrett. Silas is captured and sentenced to death along with Billy but he's able to escape thanks to Billy. Salis takes the shotgun he finds and kills all the peoples in the town, In the end, he has a duel with Bob Ollinger which he wins. He goes to Mexic where he kills lots of members from a clan called the cowboys and has a duel with Old Man Clanton, he kills Clanton.
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       Silas keeps telling stories about him killing legends of the Wild West and riding along with other legends, at some, he tells the guys in the pub about him killing Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid, after hearing that Dwight tells Silas that those two were killed by the Bolivian Army but Silas says that he is right. One of the guys in the pub asks Silas if he ever managed to find the person he wanted to kill all along but Dwight starts accusing Silas of telling them lies all this time. He shocks everybody when he calls one of the guys there Bob, at this point Silas has to make a choice, kill Bob or accept his past and let BOB live. 
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      The game is a first-person shooter and is not an open world. In this game, Silas has a special power called Bullet Time, this makes the time slower and kills his opponents, this power is also known for the line "It's high noon". Silas also can sometimes dodge bullets by pressing a key. This game also has skills for each weapon and himself, you earn 1 skill point every time when you level up. This game has lots of weapons, a few types of Colt, a normal shotgun and a swap off, and a few one-shot rifles, at some point in the game you can use a Gatling Gun and Dynamite.
       This game also has collectibles called Nuggets of Truth, each tells you a bit of the story. 
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    What do I think about this game

      In my opinion, the game is a really good choice if you like shooters, it costs 12,49€ on steam but you can get it for less than 5 euro on other sites. The story is very interesting, full of violence and killing, sadly the game is a bit short, you can finish it in less than 4 hours and maybe even 2 hours if you play it for the second time. I really like the graphics which are kinda similar to Bioshock but are much more colorful. Overall this game is worth it and you should try it if you like this type of game. 

    Rate this article Call of Juarez: Gunslinger Review

    (4.62/5) 97 rates



    18 february 2020 08:43

    very good article i like this

    8 january 2020 14:26

    This was actually the first game I ever bought, and I bought it in real life, the box had a steam key.

    22 september 2019 09:28

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    29 january 2020 16:16

    I think its really cool game

    16 february 2020 08:44

    Really good game, nice article.Great article.

    21 july 2019 18:08

    Very Nice Writing article short its a really good Game

    26 july 2019 02:40

    Looks interesting ill habe it give it ago

    21 july 2019 11:44

    Thx guys ,i appreciate your comments.

    20 july 2019 15:15

    this article is amazing

    16 february 2020 21:35